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Times, they are a changing

27 Apr

My goodness, where have I been?  The question that you should be asking is where haven’t I been?  I’ve been quite absent, but for a good reason.  I won’t go into details, personal matters can be so messy, let’s just say that my life has been full of lemons as of late and I’ve been making lemonade.  Lots of lemonade.

However things are looking up.  I’ve been busy attending job interviews and looking at residential properties in our area.  Oh and nursing Fisher back to health.  The kid was out of school all week last week with quite possibly the worst case of Strep Throat ever recorded.  105+ fever anyone?  It was bad.  Very bad.

My hopes are that as my life returns to normal that my postings will do the same.  Cherrios to you all for hanging in there with me!


Oklahoma, you’re making my mom nervous

15 Apr

'Tis a head of thunder

Oh Oklahoma.  Can’t you behave yourself?  Don’t you know that you’re going to give my mother a heart attack? 

Before heading out to soccer practice last night I had a peak at the weather forecast.  We had some large thunderheads building in the east and I wanted to make sure that they weren’t going to effect practice.  Thankfully the weather stayed to the east and Fisher got to run around in all his sweaty glory without the fear of additional moisture.  Because little boys like sweat more than they do rain.  Fact. 

Besides calling for a drastic drop in temperature for the next morning along with continued strong winds the forecast was fairly dull.  What, it’s going to be dry?  Right-o.  And the wind will be comically strong?  Well, what’s a day in Oklahoma without having your hair scattered to the four corners of the earth?  It’s just par for the course. 

Apparently I should have paid attention to the state forecast because I got a panicked call from my mother this morning. 

“I waited as long as I could!  Did you know some town practically got blown away last night in Oklahoma?!  Tush-something.  I don’t know, it started with a “T.”  Is that near where you live? 

And, like an unprepared dunce I was all like, “What bad weather?  There was bad weather?”  Er, yeah.  I missed the part of the forecast that called for potentially deadly weather.  Oops.

As it turns out Tushka, OK, which is to the southeast of us, got hit hard by a fairly large tornado last night.  I don’t know many of the details beside the fact that it was large and that it took out a school.  Thankfully it was in the night and no one was at school. 

This news definitely drives home the fact that I am now living in tornado alley and how very much I want a storm shelter for my birthday.  Either that or maybe I can set up some kind of time share with the couple up the road.  They’ve got a lovely storm shelter right next to their hot tub.  In case they want to relax a bit before huddling under ground.  Hey, hiding for your life is stressful.  Everyone needs a bit of “me” time. 

This morning the same weather system is moving east and I hope that it will be more forgiving as it goes.  Meanwhile the weather here is substantially colder and windier.  (Windier?  Is that a word?  More windy?)  Thus I’m once again donning my overly large jacket that I was sure would go unworn for several months.  What was I thinking?  This is Oklahoma.  Land of wind and unexpected weather.

Hur did.

13 Apr


Alright, fake smiles everyone!


Jaden got her hair cut yesterday.  In reality it’s her first major haircut besides the one she gave herself as a toddler.  But no one  counts giving yourself a rat-tail a true haircut.

Needless to say, she looks pretty darn cute.  Oh, the classic bob.  It’s a hairstyle my sister and I wore throughout the majority of our childhood.  Besides, who wouldn’t like a hairstyle called Bob?

Of course when it came to taking a picture of her new haircut she instantly turned on the fake smile.  No amount of lip jiggling or funny joke telling could produce a genuine smile.  As for Fisher?  Well, after asking me about 382 times if I would take his picture and after 382 replies of “just a minute,” he dissolved into tears.  Because he is the most sensitive child I have ever met.  Thankfully he can dry them up almost as quickly as he can get them going.  Thus he looks like he’s just finished an hour-long crying jag.  Probably over the end of “Steel Magnolias,” because who wouldn’t cry over that?

Besides Jaden’s typical faux smile, she is also sporting sucker residue.  She and Fisher got treated to blow pops by the hairstylist after being such model citizens during the hair cutting procedure.

So, there you have it.  Fake smiles.  One tearful, the other green.  It’s the epitome of childhood.  Enjoy!

Unwelcome Guests

12 Apr


School Play: "Wolf's Chicken Stew"


Somewhere on that cute little head rest survivors of lice treatment #1.  That’s right.  Fisher ended up with lice as well as Jaden.  Over the weekend I discovered that a few of the rebel forces had survived the first round of poisoning on both of their heads.  [collective sigh]  Thus I busted out some tea tree oil.  That’s right little lice, shake in fear.  No really, shake.  Thankfully I added just enough to the kid’s shampoo to eradicate the few remaining lice while leaving Jaden and Fisher’s hair silky smooth.

…However Jordan did not.

I needed a pool of death to which I could exile lice refugees.  Thus I got Jordan to fix me up a bowl of what I thought was diluted tea tree oil and water.  Well, he went with equal parts of water and tea tree oil instead.  Let’s just say that tea tree oil that is not properly diluted is a great way to melt a lice comb.  Dudes…that comb disintegrated!  Which was awesome in a creepy way until I fully grasped the implications.  I am so glad I did my homework before beginning that particular treatment on the kid’s heads.  They could be bald right now.  No hair.  No skin.  Just nice, shiny white skulls.  And today is picture day at school too.  Think of all the funny looks they would have gotten!  [wink]

So uh, is your head itching yet?  ;]

On snap! More sports, yo.

8 Apr

Apparently years of bragging about being allergic to sports has come back to bite me in the butt.  And oh what a lovely little bite it is.  As you all know the kids have taken to playing softball in the back yard.  They’re great at it, especially running around the imaginary bases they’ve created in their minds.  Then this week one of the mom’s of Fisher’s friends e-mailed me about a informally soccer team she was putting together.  Nothing serious, just a couple of boys playing soccer for fun and exercise.  Thus yesterday I stopped by our local sports retailer to pick up some shin guards and other soccer-y things.  Fisher was super excited…until he remember that it was 90 degrees outside.

Thankfully the heat didn’t slow him down.  The wind was blowing hard as usual and after a quick pep talk he was deep in the thick of things.

After thirty minutes of practice the kid split into teams to play.  It wasn’t long before the constant running and heat made them beg to play goalie, if only for a few minutes.  Thus the goalie position was held by all throughout the course of the evening.

They took a quick break fifteen minutes in and I pounced on the opportunity to document Fisher’s awesomeness.  Gosh-darnit, his shin guards and cleats make him look so grown.  [tear]  My little man is not so little anymore.  (Although he has retained the childhood ability to whip out a fake smile when a camera is presented.  What’s up with kids and cameras?)

They last half of the game was fierce but thankfully passed without incident.  I could not have been more proud of Fisher last night.  For someone who is so shy and reserved he really put himself out there and gave his best.  (Dudes, I know. I’m getting a bit emotional here.)

Once the game was over he spent the rest of the night drinking everything in sight.  Juice.  Water.  Watered down soda from earlier in the day.  Heck, I’m pretty sure he would have hit up the dog bowl if he’d thought of it.

All that said, we’ve got five more weeks of Thursday night soccer games and Fishman couldn’t be more excited.  And neither could I.  For a short while I’ll get to refer to myself as a soccer mom even if I don’t meet all the requirements.  Anyone got a mini-van covered in soccer ball decals I can borrow?

Super Cao Nguyen

7 Apr

Like I mentioned earlier in the week, I visited a local Asian food market Monday night.  It’s called Super Cao Nguyen and it is now officially my favorite store this side of Saturn.  What isn’t to love about a plethora of Jelly Fish next to the produce?  Exactly.  Thus, I thought I’d share with you the nuggets of awesomeness I took home with me:

Of course I bought some black tea and green tea.  I’m sure that it’s a rule that you can’t go to an Asian market without buying tea leaves.  Am I right or am I right?  I’m totally right.  Next I got some Boba and Boba Straws because there’s no way you can suck those pearls through a regular straw.  (FYI:  Boba = Tapioca Pearls)  Boba is my current obsession.  I gots to have my boba.  Jordan picked up a box of Pocky which is pretty much cookies in stick form that have been dipped in chocolate or strawberry flavored chocolate.  The kids are in love with these.  Jordan also picked up some dried banana chips which are thinner and crisper than the ones you can find at your average American market. 

Then came the unfamiliar.  Sesame cookies?  Good and not as sweet as you’d think.  Tamarind candy?  Just plain weird.  It’s one of those things that you keep eating in hopes that you’ll figure out what the heck it is and that maybe, just maybe it will start to taste normal near the end.  It never does, though.  I wouldn’t say that it was bad.  It was definitely different in a good way. 

Our favorite purchase?  Green tea hard candies.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I am going back this weekend to buy a case of those green goddesses. 

Then we bought these.  Taro balls.  What are they?  Who the hell knows?  All I know is that I do like the flavor of Taro…so that’s a plus, right?  And have I had one?  Not yet, but I think I’m going to try one tonight.  Fingers are most certainly crossed.

And finally the weirdest acquisition of all.  Strawberry Snowballs.  Again, I really don’t know what these things are or even what purpose they serve.  All I do know is that they are a mixture of Red Dye #40, Glutenous Rice and Red Beans.  Yeah.  That takes “odd” to a whole new level.  The strange thing is that they’re not too bad.  They’re actually somewhat sweet instead of savory like I thought they would be.  (I know, the package clearly states that they’re strawberry flavored, but it also says that they contain red beans.  What would you expect?)  Over all they are pretty bland.  However I find myself nibbling on them again and again just because they have the weirdest mouth-feel of any food I’ve ever eaten.  I’m confident that this is what it would feel like to eat a jellyfish….a live jellyfish. 

So, what will I be doing this weekend?  Making a return trip to Super Cao Nguyen, of course.  I am hooked.  :]

Hey battah, battah. [wink]

6 Apr

The creepy-crawly drama continued deep into the night last night as it was discovered that Fisher too had a tiny army of his own camped out in his hair.  Albeit a small army, probably due to the length of his hair.  Thank goodness.  It only took me about 30 minutes to sift through his follicles as opposed to the three years it took me to go through Jaden’s luscious locks of long-ness.  (Alliteration, anyone?)  Hopefully the sun rose on a new era this morning, one that will hopefully be free of lice and any other annoying right of childhood passage.

That said, let’s talk ball.  Jaden and Fisher have discovered softball and boy to they love it.  Who knew?  I was the least athletically inclined child when I was in school, thus I’m pleasantly surprised to find that my children actually like playing sports.  Score one for exercise!

It's a fierce kind of stare.

Can anyone spot the flying ball? I think it's that smudge in the middle.

Besides having a bit of difficulty with maintaining a proper stance, the kids seem to be naturals.  Which means that we’ll need to get some protective gear for Jordan’s mom soon.  She’s the only one that can pitch well and it will only be a matter of time before she gets hit square between the eyes.  Oh, sports.

I'm pretty sure you need your eyes to be open to hit the ball.


It’s a serious sort of game.

Afternoon games of soft ball originated from a desire to find an outlet for the copious amounts of energy Fisher has.  The kid never slows down.  Nehhh-ver.  [eye twitch]  Thankfully it is working like a charm.  The only problem is that it is all he wants to do now.  And I haven’t learned how to saute onions and pitch at the same time.  I know…what kind of mom am I?

Denny has also discovered a love of softball.  Namely because he sees it as game of flying dog toys.  Ooo…flying ball!  I got it, I got it, I got it!!  The problem is not that he can’t catch…he’s a great catcher…it’s just that he won’t throw it back.  Or even walk it back.  He mainly just runs around the yard in circles with it as we chase him.  I don’t think he’ll be making the final cut.



Lemon couldn’t care less about the game.  As long as she has boobs to nuzzle up to she’s content.  It’s a hard life.


I've got form, yo!

After watching the kids whack balls across the back yard for a couple of days curiosity got the best of me.  Having never played softball before, I decided that now would be the perfect time to give it a try.  And dudes I actually hit it!  (…and almost hit my mother-in-law.)  I only took a few swings due to the apparent dangers of me holding a bat, but they were all beautiful.  (Is that right?  Can you refer to sports as beautiful?  I’m sure men everywhere are cringing right now.)

So if you’re not doing anything this weekend, drive over to great state of Oklahoma…which may soon be renamed Wind-klahoma…for a game of ball.  It’s sure to be fun.