Oklahoma, you’re making my mom nervous

15 Apr

'Tis a head of thunder

Oh Oklahoma.  Can’t you behave yourself?  Don’t you know that you’re going to give my mother a heart attack? 

Before heading out to soccer practice last night I had a peak at the weather forecast.  We had some large thunderheads building in the east and I wanted to make sure that they weren’t going to effect practice.  Thankfully the weather stayed to the east and Fisher got to run around in all his sweaty glory without the fear of additional moisture.  Because little boys like sweat more than they do rain.  Fact. 

Besides calling for a drastic drop in temperature for the next morning along with continued strong winds the forecast was fairly dull.  What, it’s going to be dry?  Right-o.  And the wind will be comically strong?  Well, what’s a day in Oklahoma without having your hair scattered to the four corners of the earth?  It’s just par for the course. 

Apparently I should have paid attention to the state forecast because I got a panicked call from my mother this morning. 

“I waited as long as I could!  Did you know some town practically got blown away last night in Oklahoma?!  Tush-something.  I don’t know, it started with a “T.”  Is that near where you live? 

And, like an unprepared dunce I was all like, “What bad weather?  There was bad weather?”  Er, yeah.  I missed the part of the forecast that called for potentially deadly weather.  Oops.

As it turns out Tushka, OK, which is to the southeast of us, got hit hard by a fairly large tornado last night.  I don’t know many of the details beside the fact that it was large and that it took out a school.  Thankfully it was in the night and no one was at school. 

This news definitely drives home the fact that I am now living in tornado alley and how very much I want a storm shelter for my birthday.  Either that or maybe I can set up some kind of time share with the couple up the road.  They’ve got a lovely storm shelter right next to their hot tub.  In case they want to relax a bit before huddling under ground.  Hey, hiding for your life is stressful.  Everyone needs a bit of “me” time. 

This morning the same weather system is moving east and I hope that it will be more forgiving as it goes.  Meanwhile the weather here is substantially colder and windier.  (Windier?  Is that a word?  More windy?)  Thus I’m once again donning my overly large jacket that I was sure would go unworn for several months.  What was I thinking?  This is Oklahoma.  Land of wind and unexpected weather.


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