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There is a creature in our house

30 Jul

Today was very long & busy day. I managed to complete all the work that needed to be done before I’m out of work for a week, recovering from surgery. Plus, I typed up a six page booklet on how to manage the basics of my every day work routine…I’m such a nerd. Needless to say, I was quite excited when I finally got home. What better way to relax than a really hot bath. The kind where I could cook lobsters on the side if I needed to. Hey, you never know. So, I’m soaking in the tub, trying to unwind after a busy day at work, when I hear IT. There is something in our house…or should I say, under our house. I don’t know what it is, but I do know that it has claws of substantial size based off of the noises I heard coming from under the bathtub tonight. Creeeepy. That’s the best time to hear a freakish noise coming from under your bathtub…when you’re shaving your legs. Thankfully, I managed to keep my “jump” reaction under control.

Rewind to other night around midnight: Jordan and I are sneaking about the living room in stealth, soldier mode, in hoodies, blue jeans and tennis shoes. It was the best “critter” gear we could find at the time. Jordan is armed with a shoe, that could barely squash a fly and I am packing a $2, red flashlight….with jiggly batteries. Maybe I’ll blind it and it will die from shock. After systematically sweeping over the area where the noises were heard, we concluded that whatever IT is, it must be in the walls/attic/crawl space. It makes me think of the childrens book Neil Gaiman did called, “Wolves in the Walls.” Geez. Surely we don’t have wolves in southwest Georgia.

Jordan just got back from the San Diego Comic-Con and I was delighted to find out that one of my favorite children’s comics was being going to be featured in an animated adventure. Meet Owly (and wormy):

I cannot express how much Owly and Wormy make me happy. Look at them. They ooze cuteness. *sigh* I am in love. Go to Andy Runton’s website to get better aquainted with your new best friends:

Well folks, that’s it for me. I’ve got to get some beauty sleep, especially since I have to show up to the OR tomorrow sans make-up. *gasp* People of weak consitutions should stand at a safe distnace. ;) I may be offline for a few days, but when I return, I shall regale each of you with my adventures at Palmyra Medical Centers. (Ooo, ahh!)


Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

28 Jul

Not if it was called “The Anderson Company.” Whew. This is one funky place to be today. The cloud of body odor mixed with expired body splash is almost palpable. Please help me petition Wal-Mart to stop selling cheap perfume/cologne. My tenants can’t keep themselves from buying it. *gag*

(Alright all you Enlish majors out there, I know that that is not the exact quote from Romeo & Juliet, but it’s close enough for my humble blog)

Despite the smell, work has been somewhat exciting. My new stapler just arrived! :D Look at her, isn’t she a beauty? I shall call her Marlene. Tragically, my stapler of 4ish years passed away on Friday due to complications caused by an ingrown staple. *tear* A moment of silence please: ______ .

Also, some new binder clips arrived today. *eyebrow wiggle* I don’t know what it is about office supplies, but they always make me excited. It’s similar to the excitement you felt as a kid when you went to the store to buy school supplies during the summer. There is something alluring about a box of new highlighters. Original or neon? Wide tip or thin tip? Click action or regular cap?

Chip left the office early today to take his flock of children to the pool. He & Jennifer are keeping their two nephews for a few days which means that they are currently in control of four, small children. I pitty you not. Once he left the office, I was immediately sucked into the trifecta of office boredom, which consists of circling amongst facebook, twitter and blogspot every few minutes. The trifecta of office boredom is almost as notorious as the Bermuda Triangle, but without the creepy fog and ghost pirates.

I finished off the day with a trip to the hospital to pre-register for surgery. I love nothing more than getting blood drawn. (I hope you caught on to the sarcasm there) Let me just say that the “butterfly” needle did not hurt less than the regular one. So, stick that in your juice box and suck it, nurse Jane Doe. (I love how my ill mood shows through in this last paragraph…can you tell I typed the previous paragraphs earlier today?) ;)

The eagle has landed

28 Jul

Jordan is almost home and Denny & I can almost not take the suspense! After six long days, Jordan is only a few counties away from being back in The Good Life City. (which is known as Albany in opposite world) *wink*

Jaden & Fisher are at their dad’s house, so it’s been just Denny & myself today. We haven’t done much that was exciting. Denny went bobbing for ice cubes in his water bowl earlier and then scarfed down some corn bread at my mom’s house tonight. He FINALLY got to smell a cat. (Success!) Sadly, it was not as exciting as he thought. He gave a quick sniff and then went the other way…possibly looking for another cat for a comparison. Either way, it was a big night for him.

I, on the other hand, have been completely devoid of excitement all day…unless you count the fact that I get to have surgery on Thursday as exciting. Which it is. After 15ish long months, I will finally get my insides situated and in the right place. Darn hernias! I guess I was just born with innerds as rebels. They live their life to the extreme, going where no guts have gone before…or, at least where they shouldn’t. Sorry guys, the party is over. Muahaha!

Well, that’s it folks. I’m cutting it short tonight. I have been dull all day and am just too darn excited about Jordan being back in the proper time zone to fill this post with witty remarks and snarky comments. Those will return tomorrow. ;) Until then, I’ll see you all again…same bat time, same bat channel. >..< (that's a bat, in case you can't tell)

The Week’s End

27 Jul

Where did the weekend go? I believe it flew by between swimming, a wedding and visiting family. I am going to have to cram the weekend’s events into one post since I got home late last night from a wedding. (Hey, the electric slide cannot be rushed…it is an art) But, I am getting ahead of myself…

Saturday was my Uncle’s birthday, which meant that the entire family gathered at his house for food, fun & swimming. Jaden & Fisher inhaled their food so they could hurry up and wait for their food to digest and get in the pool. Great Uncle John & Aunt Wren hopped in with the kids to supervise and to cool off….mainly to cool off.

Here’s Miss Jaden getting ready for some serious swimming. She reached an epic milestone that day…she swam all by herself without any floats. She was even brave enough to swim to the bottom of the deep end. I was very proud.

Chloe loves the water and had a blast splashing around. (Doesn’t Aunt Wren look cute in her swim suit?)

Up pops Jaden again…she came up for air every so often. ;)

Fisher is taking his time on learning how to swim. He’d rather sit back and relax.

After a while, I headed home with Wren and the kids stayed behind with my Aunt and Uncle. They were kind enough to watch them for me for the night so I could go to my friend’s wedding. Courtney and Joe tied the knot Saturday night and I must say that the ceremony was beautiful! Before I had Jaden & Fisher it was rare for me to muster up a tear at a wedding. Now I have to fight them back from the get-go. Courtney look stunning and just like her mother. I know if Miss Robin were still here with us that she would be so proud/happy. After the wedding we all headed over to the Hasan Temple for the reception which consisted of copious amounts of dessert and dancing. I was smart about the way I planned for the evening. I loaded up on cake, chocolates, etc… and made sure to wear the tallest pair of heels I owned. Mind you, the dance floor was slick, so this was sure to be a night to remember. (rolling eyes) If you know me well, then you should know that heels & I do not mix. Remember how in high school the electric slide was so easy to do? Well, add ten years and somewhere along the way, your body forgets how to do it. No matter, I got out there and shook what my momma gave me anyway. The shoes, however, did not last long. Those puppies got thrown to the way side to make way for some fancy footwork. *wink* I even summoned my inner Elaine from Seinfield and did her special dance. *wince* Yeah, that’s the one. Of course, I could only bare the scrutinizing eyes of the crowd for just a few minutes. Too bad, it was their loss. :)

I finally crawled into bed around 11:00 last night with some sore tootsies, but a lot of fun memories.

Jaden & Fisher spent the night with my Aunt & Uncle, which meant that I didn’t get out of bed officially until 11:30am. It was glorious! Jaden & Fisher finally came back home around 3pm after having had a water gun fight and a trip to the Krispy Kreme…Aunt Glenda & Uncle John really know how to spoil them. ;)

This evening we all headed back over to my mom’s for supper….Charles’ brunswick stew, MMM! Denny came along as always and had a lot of fun too.

Denny just loves Charles. You can see the look of compassion in his eyes. Aw.

…And Charles really loves Denny. *the kind of laughing where you roll around on the floor* Wow. That’s love. It reminds me of the episode of The Office when Angela is caught licking one of her cats. Do it Charles! This is one for the picture frame, for sure.

The Zone

25 Jul

Here we are at the end of another week. Is it me, or are the weeks flying by in an unprecedented rate? I’m sure that weeks were much longer when I was a kid. I guess it’s just a sign of the times.

Day Three of having Jaden & Fisher at work with me went by without a singe hiccup. Jaden & I honed up on our thumb wrestling skills before Chip got to the office. Jaden wanted to make sure that Mr. Chip knew that she was the thumb wrestling queen…once again, Chip didn’t stand a chance. *wink* After Chip was vanquished once again, the kids retreated off to the play room to play and do other things they probably weren’t supposed to do, but weren’t sure, so they did them anyway. ;) I love nothing more than walking into the room to find them staring back at me like deer in a pair of headlights. The ever-so-funny-but-not-really look of, “Does she know what I’m doing, and if so, how do I talk my way out of it?” Thankfully, those moments were few and far between today. I really have to give them kudos. I don’t know if I could have sat that still at there age for a full 8 hours. I am one proud momma. :D

Jaden was busy this afternoon decorating my office for me. At the top left, I’ve got a fabulous rendition of Sandy Cheeks from Bikin Bottom. Doctor Who is featured at the bottom left with a heart floating over his head, because, who doesn’t love Doctor Who? To the right is her latest doodle creation. My daughter doesn’t just draw me hearts with faces and eye lashes, they have antenae as well! Maybe it’s a love bug.

Fisher spent most of the day parked in front of the TV in “The Zone.” Symptoms of being in “The Zone” include a vacant facial expression, unblinking eyes & sudden hearing loss. Well, not so much hearing loss as an extreme case of selective hearing. Usually, I am not a proponent of watching TV all day, but I made an exception while they were at work with me this week.

As for this evening, it’s been much of the same. The kids played in the living room, though it sounded more like an invasion of the Huns rather than Jaden & Fisher playing. Denny hunted down the duster and continued to berate it with bites and vicious aerial attacks. My mom stopped by to fold my laundry for me…hooray! I must say, these hernias are quite the buzz kill, but they have their ups. *wink* Actually, it was much needed and appreciated. Sneezing is enough to double me over, so laundry would probably land me back in the ER. Thus, until I have surgery, my mother is my personal slave…MUAHAHA! (All right, momma, stop rolling your eyes)

Well, I’m about to retire for the evening. Congrats everyone, we’ve made it through another week. :)

This has made my day

24 Jul

Jaden enjoyed this video so much that she drew me a picture of it so I could remember what it looked like:

Multi-tasking? Nah, that’s not my thing.

24 Jul

With Jordan gone to San Diego, I ended up going to bed at 9:45pm last night due to the shear fact that did not know what to do with myself. That’s sad. Isn’t that supposed to happen when you hit your 40’s? Needless to say, I am WIDE awake right now with the same problem. I’ve just discovered that I am not capable of blogging while listening to music. It appears my brain is lacking in the “multi-tasking” department. Sadly, I am now at an age where I am not compatible with the latest updates. Alas!

I stumbled out the back door this morning with Denny leading the way to his usual spot to do his morning business when we ran into a friend: Mr. Cock A. Roach. Denny was so excited to see him, that he swooped in to give him some love in the form of rubbing his head up against the roach’s. The poor roach didn’t stand a chance…Denny killed him with kindness.

Day Two of having the kids at work with me passed by almost painlessly. *smirk* They were much more calm today, which was nice. They turned the playroom, a.k.a. Jennifer’s old office, into their school room and pretend to be at school. (Crazy, right?) There is a large dry erase board in the playroom and they were dying to cover it in art. I relented and let them use the colorful dry erase markers that I keep in my desk. I don’t know if any of you have peeked into my desk drawers, but I like to keep them well organized. (Ok, I’m ever so slightly OCD about my desk) It was a huge step to let the kids borrow the markers, since I keep them in order from the lightest to darkest shade. (Hey, we all have our quirks) After about 30 minutes of nothing but silence emanating from the playroom, I got scared and went to check on them. No wonder they were quiet, there were enough dry erase fumes floating about in the room to kill off brain cells by the masses. I could almost hear their screams. So, I cut my way through the noxious cloud of marker exhaust, rounded up the markers and tucked them neatly into my desk once more.

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday. We fixed our plates and headed to the back patio. Check out those PB&J’s. Fisher felt the best way to express his pleasure over eating outside was to bite his sandwich into the shape of a smile. :D

Check this out. Watching Fisher eat is like watching a train wreck: painful to see, but you can’t seem to tear your eyes away from it. Sometimes I wonder how he gets so much food on his face…now I know.

…and here’s the results of his peculiar eating technique. Go ahead, click on it. It is best appreciated up close. (Also, I’m pretty sure that there’s a mosquito on his forehead. Poor mosquito…it didn’t know what it was getting into)

Jaden, on the other hand, made it through the meal unscathed. (Though I believe there’s still some sandwhich hidden behind those cheeks)

Once again, we headed over to my mom’s for supper for the most awesome supper of all…breakfast! There are few meals I could enjoy more at night than breakfast. *slurp* Though, this is the one meal that you can’t really fix a dessert for. No matter, we busted out the ice cream without any reservations. Mmm…bacon and moose tracks…a match made in heaven. Much to my chagrin, Denny finished off the left over scrambled eggs in an impressive 3.7 seconds. I’m pretty sure that’s a new record. I can only wait in fear to see what kind of effect that will have on his stomach.