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Sniffing Around

12 Feb

The dogs rarely go into the kid’s rooms.  Mostly because their bedrooms are rife with tiny toys and stuffed animals just waiting to be un-stuffed.  Their bedrooms are the the things dreams are made of.

As you can tell, Lemon was very grateful for having been given such an opportunity.  Beds that had never be marred by her doggie scent?  Oh, the work that had to be done!  Please, let me kiss you!

Denny mostly showed his excitement by running laps through each of their bedrooms and hunting for things to shred.  He wasn’t really excited by Lemon’s kisses.

All smiles!  (Well, Denny is smiling behind that mouthful of stuffed fox.


Ye Evil Fair

4 Apr

As promised the Medieval Fair was awesome.  Or, as the kids are now calling it, the Evil Fair.  I’m too lazy to give you all a blow-by-blow of the day, you know…because it’s Monday morning.  However I will say that the kids got to ride a camel, Jaden sold her Aunt into slavery, Fisher bought her freedom and there was a lot of staged violence.  Oh, and turkey legs.  [smile]  It was the stuff dreams are made of:

Meet Captain the camel. Ride Captain, ride.


Fisher was less than pleased. Actually, I'm pretty sure he was terrified.

I wonder if the town leash law applies to camels? He needed to come home with me.

To translate: "Hey, wanna sell your Aunt?" "Sure!"

"Wench for sale!" (Nice one, Jaden.)

Fisher buys his Aunt's freedom with a dollar. She's a cheap wench.

...and kids this is yet another thing you can't try at home. Hey, where are those throwing axes?


Look at the size of those swords...I mean, shower curtain rods.

And finally, me getting up close and personal with a turkey leg. It's a good thing.


Forsooth, ’twas a fantastical day!

Weeping Angels

1 Apr


Don't blink



A few weeks ago Jordan ordered the most recent season of “Doctor Who” on Blu-ray and we’ve been slowly re-watching all the episodes with the kids.  Watching “Doctor Who” is one of our favorite past times and for the first year of our marriage, Jordan and I watched every season of Doctor Who with the kids starting when the show started back up with Christopher Eccleston.  Talk about some family bonding.  [wink]  The show is known for having some pretty scary monsters, at least for younger viewers are concerned.  Quite possibly the most intimidating” monster” Jaden & Fisher have encountered while watching Doctor Who has to be the Weeping Angels.

It’s fantastic stuff.  The angles can only move when you’re not looking at them so half the time you turn around to find yourself nose to nose with an angel like this one.  The kids make sure to have plenty of pillows to hide behind when we sit down to watch.  [wink]  (The angels even made them reconsider yard gnomes and lawn jockeys…what are they doing while everyone is asleep?)

Earlier in the week the Weeping Angels showed up in one of the episodes we were watching.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen them and I must say that I was glad to see them back.  The kids?  Not so much.  It’s kind of a love/hate relationship for them.  Almost like watching a train wreck.  They don’t want to watch, but they can’t look away.

The next evening we went out to eat with Jordan’s parents.  I ended up sitting between Jordan and his dad while Fisher ended up sitting between Jaden and Jordan’s mom.  I commented on the fact that I was the creaming filling in a man sandwich.  (Pretty original, I know.  Fisher then remark, with much disgust, that he was the filling in a girl sandwich…ew!  He was so appalled by the realization that I asked him what was scarier, monsters on Doctor Who or a girl sandwich.  His response?  A girl sandwich!!

[laugh]  Well, let’s just hope that Doctor Who never has to battle a girl sandwich.  It may be Fisher’s undoing.

The evils of Summer

30 Mar

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I used to love/dread the summer.  Obviously my love stemmed from three glorious months spent at home and not at school.  (Sadly my children only get to have a two month summer….wait, did I say sadly?)  The dread came from the inevitable letter that came in the mail from the school:

“Dear Sir/Ma’am,  Your child is in need of a terribly painful and mentally damaging injection before he/she can return to school this fall.  <insert maniacal laughter here>”

I am confident that those were the exact words.

The thing about it was that a letter from the school would arrive at our house and for a week I would rock myself back and forth in a corner in terrified anticipation of its dreadful tidings.  Then, lo and behold, nothing would happen.  Whew.  I was safe.  Or so I thought.  For after another week had passed, and my sister and I had surely forgotten about the arrival of a letter, we would magically appear at the local Health Department.

“Come on girls.  We’ve got to run some errands today,” my mother would say.

We would hop in the car and happily ride along in hopes that maybe we could get a small toy or candy bar while we were out.  But no.  We would soon find ourselves in a part of town that we rarely went.  Wait a moment, what ever could we need to do over here?  Is that the Health Department?  Why are we here?!  Noooo!  The unavoidable lamentations, tears and refusal to leave the car would ensue.  Once inside, a large nurse that rivaled a rhino would have to sit on top of my sister and I as we were tortured…er, given an injection.  It was not the best of times.

Fast forward to the present day.  Jaden and Fisher had to go in for a booster shot this week.  Can you imagine my dread?  After reflecting on my abdominal childhood behavior, I was less than excited to drop that bomb on them.  I could not have been more surprised by their reaction:

Me: (after picking them up from school) “Kids, the school nurse called today and let me know that it was time for you both to get a shot.  It is something that the school required for you to attend.  I know it is probably not something you’ll be excited about, but it is something that is necessary.  Etc…”

I went on to comfort them and to inform them that though it may hurt a little, it was for a good cause and that the pain would only last for a few seconds.  They took it quite well.  They complained a bit, but it was the type of complaint they might give after being told to go brush their teeth before bed.  Jaden even volunteered to go first.  Neither one of them even blinked as the shot was given and not a tear was shed afterwards.  They compared band aids and then set about to plan the many topping they would get on their frozen yogurt.  (Frozen yogurt with a ridiculous amount of toppings was decided to be their treat for having to get a shot.)

Two days later I am still in awe of them for behaving so well and for being so brave.  Let’s just hope that this will be the norm for future adventures to the Health Department.  [wink]

We totally broke Spring

17 Mar

Can you tell that it’s spring break?  The kids are out of school which means that this week has been a balancing act of entertainment and work.  It’s an art.  So far they’ve been to the movies to see “Rango”, taken a bagillion trips to the park and have even made dog treats from scratch.  This little adventure afforded me the chance to utter a phrase I never thought I would:

“No.  You cannot have another dog treat.  You’ve had enough for one day.”  [siiigh]

I’m definitely keeping that one in my back pocket for future embarrassment.   [wink]

To wind up the week we’re taking a trip to Texas to visit family and hopefully do some star gazing.  Because we all now that “…the stars at night are big and bright [bum, bum, bum bum] …deep in the heart of Texas!”    And the song doesn’t lie.  I’ve never seen more spectacular night skies than the ones in Texas.

I know, it’s been a slack week here and I’ll definitely get my act together next week.  Until then, I leave you with Lemon.  She’s recently discovered the glories of laundry fresh from the dryer:

Yes these pictures were taken with my cell phone.  And yes, those are boxer shorts that Lemon is wearing.  Hopefully Jordan won’t mind.  ;]

Bathrooms are scary

19 Feb

I often times wonder what the kids do in the bathroom, besides….well, the usual.  Somehow I don’t think that what they are doing in there is good.  Whatever it may be, it always emits creepy, clinking sounds…and splashy noises.  I’m a bit frightened.

Alright…back to your regular Saturday.  :]

Teaching your kids the art of cursing

17 Feb


Quiver in fear, dead dinosaurs!


Since this past December, the kids have gotten hooked on watching Harry and the Hendersons.  If you haven’t seen it, then you’ve missed out on a fabulous part of the 80’s.  The only problem with this film is that there is some mild language.  Not much, maybe only a word or two.  Some parents might be appalled by this revelation, but I try to not take it that seriously.  Jordan and I have sat down with the kids and have had a serious discussion on this topic.  That said, they can get their sasquatch on any time they want.

Well, my poor Fishman can’t quite get a good grasp on curse words.  As in, what the words actually are.  And you never want to say them out loud in front of your children for surely DFCS will come and cart them away.  His misunderstanding of “shit” came out in conversation on the way home from school yesterday:

Fisher: “Is holy ship a bad word?”

Me [internal giggle]: “No.  Er…the word”shit” with a “t” is a bad word.”

Fisher: “….oh!”  [smiling happily to himself]

Jaden [who apparently was dying to say a curse word]: “Did you know that my cousin’s puppy fell off a dam and died?!”  [extra exclamation points]

Me [sigh]: “You are talking about a section of earth or concrete that holds back water, correct?”

Jaden [shocked that I would assume otherwise]: “Of course!”

Then she launched into a very long and heroing tale of a puppy who fell off a dam but didn’t actually die.  It merely bobbed around in the water until she and her cousin rescued it with a long stick.  Seems as though the puppy had extra-doggie strength in its jaws and was able to chomp down on the stick to be hauled to safety.  From the top of a dam.  [ahem]

[siiiiigh]  I never know what will come up in conversation with those two.  Holy ship!  I’m late for work!  [wink]