Cast & Crew

Jordan: My husband.  We were best buds in highschool and long-time pen pals.  Eventually fate brought us together and we’ve been two happy peas-in-a-pod ever since.

Jaden: My daughter, born December 2002.

Fisher: My son, born December 2004.

(Oh, December.  I planned those well, huh?)  *wink*

Denny: Our Corgi, born March 2009.  My sister calls him “the chupacabra,” since he can be a tad beastly at times.  However, he is also the best snuggle-buddy that you could ask for.  (Named after Denny Crane from Boston Legal)

Lemon: Our Dachshund, born December 2008.  She is the epitome of loving.  Give her a lap to sit in and she will be content for eternity.  (She is named after Tina Fey’s character from 30 Rock.)

Walt: A Maltese or possible MaltiPoo that we rescued off the street in August 2013.  He is in love with Jordan and follows him wherever he goes.  (He is named after Walter White from Breaking Bad.)

Luna: One of our two female hedgehogs.  She was born in 2011, we think.  We adopted her along with her sister in August 2013.

Bubbles: Luna’s sister.  She is the “grumpier” of the two hedgies but we love her just the same.


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