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Vegging out for the weekend

12 Jul

Ah, TGIF…or should I say S? Yes, Friday went by in a blur with not much going on besides loads of laundry and pickles. That’s right, Jaden & Fisher have been on a pickle kick lately. Ice cream for dessert? Nah. How about some hot cookies? Nope. Umm…well…pickle, anyone? “Ooo, me, me!” Okaaaay. I guess a pickle before bed can’t hurt anyone.

Today was a fabulous Saturday as far as Saturdays goes. Jordan, the kids & I ate lunch with some friends of ours from high school. Casey Dixon, Schrea Taylor, Karen Kavanaugh, Wren, Chloe and our group all met up at Loco’s for some good food and great conversation. The kids headed off to their dad’s house for the weekend after lunch. What did Jordan & I do? Go to the DMV of course. What’s more fun than standing in line for hours with SWGA’s finest? Unfortunately for us, it was already closed when we got there. Instead, we went home, curled up in bed with Denny and took a two hour nap….almost like the DMV, but much more comfortable.

We rounded out the evening with eating pizza at my mom’s and a quick stop by Wren’s apartment to watch some TV. We introduced her to “Doctor Who” and have now got her hooked. (Yesss!)

Oh, and the sugar glider that she’s babysitting crawled up my leg after it spent the better part of thirty minutes making noises you’d only imagine to hear in hell. *shudder* I must say, that Frank, the big-eyed sugar glider, is a cute little thing once you get used to him.

Well, this isn’t the actual frank, but a distant cousin of his, I’m sure.