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Election 2012

6 Nov

I got up early this morning to be at the polls as soon as they opened to vote. It was a brisk 36 degrees outside and I neglected to bring my coffee. Needless to say, It was a looong wait in the cold. However, waiting in such a long, cold line gave me a greater sense of fulfillment than if I had just skipped in and out in under a few minutes. I didn’t just vote, I VOTED. (All caps because of the wait and the weather.)

As a Georgia native, I missed walking away from the polls with the classic Peach Voter Sticker. I miss that little peach.  I was really hoping for something Native American on my Oklahoma sticker or maybe even a scene from the land rush.  I know, the sticker isn’t the important part.  (But a Sooner Schooner sticker sure would have complimented my sweater today.)  *wink*

Sticker preferences aside, please get out there and do your part by voting today. No excuses. Just because you don’t live in a swing state does not mean that you shouldn’t go vote. Every vote counts. Remember, you’re not just voting for the President of the United States.  There are also other important state questions and state positions to be voted for.


Bi-Monthly Roundup

2 Nov

The past two weeks have been in-sane.  If the past two weeks had a commemorative T-shirt, it would be in the style of a marathon complete with bloody noses, freezing asses and, of course, jack-o-lanterns.  (And it would be the most amazing T-shirt ever.)

My Septoplasty recovery ending up being more intense and drawn-out than I had hoped.  It was an inescapable type of pain that did not waver despite the prescription painkillers I threw at it.  Relief was found only after my surgeon removed the splints from my nose. That said, stop whatever you are doing right now and search for a YouTube video of someone having nasal splints removed.  It is horrible and gross and you just can’t peel your eyes away.  Oh the carnage!  (I may have exaggerated a bit just now.)  Exaggerations aside, it was not a pleasant experience and oh-my-god I couldn’t believe how long or how large those things were!  Surely they impaled my brain fully and poked out through my hair on the back-side of my skull.

Ten days after surgery I once again participated in a local drug awareness parade along side my employer and my children.  The parade is kind of a big deal and the turn out from the community was staggering.  The kids absolutely loved the experience.  You’d think that they’d rather by on the side lines collecting candy.  But no, they thought that throwing candy to the thousands of children at the parade was one of the best thing ever.  It made me more than a little proud.  :]  Also, it was 30 degrees outside.  The normal nose would run and sniffle and blow and do all the other normal things noses do in these temperatures.  And mine did the same only it resulted in one of the most epic migraine/face-pain festivals of the decade.  I spent the rest of the day vomiting and sitting in a hot shower praying to entity within earshot to just make it stop.  It was exciting.

Then came Halloween.  At the last minute I decided to participate and threw together a Trophy Wife costume.  Pretentious?  Most definitely.  It is, however, easy to make and extremely cost efficient.  Simply throw on your best dress, make up a banner so no one is confused and there you have it.

Least sexy pose.  Ever. You’re welcome.

Jaden dressed as a turquoise-haired Vampiress and Fisher was just down-right creepy.  Imagine encountering this in the dark.  It was quite unnerving.  I can’t remember what the packing declared this costume to be.  Fisher labeled himself as Death.

Believe it or not they are smiling for the camera.  Jaden’s smile is obscured by her fangs and I like to image that Fisher’s smile looked like Jack from The Shining.  (Because it usually does when he’s riding a sugar high.)

We also carved pumpkins.  And by “we” I mean the kids only.  I was truly impressed by their skill and dedication to gutting these pumpkins.  They scraped out pumpkin innards like seasoned professionals.  They hardly batted an eye to being elbow deep in one of the most disgusting substances on the planet.  (Seriously, the contents of pumpkins are just nasty.)  They even carved their pumpkins without losing any of their fingers.  I’d say that’s pretty darn impressive.

My crochet projects have suffered greatly over the past two weeks.  I had grand visions of convalescing at home in mild discomfort while simultaneously cranking out a few dozen crochet projects.  That did not happen.  I now realize that I was deluded in the most extreme way.  With the holidays fast approaching I need to get my rear in gear.  Any of you hookers out there have any suggestions from some unique and creative crochet projects?  I’m all ears….and hooks.  :]

Pixel me this, Batman

24 Jan

Hrm…whatever could it be?

Jordan has spent the last five days in Dallas attending the ALA winter conference, or for those of you who aren’t in the know: American Library Association.  Seriously, it’s the most happening event to occur in the last week…in Texas…*ahem*

A conference brimming with librarians and what I assumed would be the world’s largest “Quite Please” sign did not sound like something I couldn’t live without seeing.  Jordan invited me down over the weekend, however a 3+ hour car trip with the kids  just to rub elbows with tweed-clad women didn’t tempt me away from the mountain of laundry awaiting me at home.

Oh, I should have gone.  What was I thinking?  Do you know what librarians do?  They work with books.  Books, I know, right?!  And do you know where they get these books from?  Publishers.  Bingo!  The ALA was crawling with Publishers hawking upcoming releases from some very fabulous authors.  Advanced copies as far as the eye could see, free for the taking!  (Oh, I think I need a moment alone.)  And I missed out.  *le sigh*  Thankfully Jordan snagged quite the load of newbie books and unloaded them in our living room last night.  Kids books, graphic novels, fiction, short-stories, etc…  It.  Was.  Glorious.

Best of all, my mother-in-law scored an advanced copy of the newest book from one of my favorite authors for me.  I feel sneaky having it, almost as if I am operating under the radar… or above the law!  (Catch me if you can, Steven Segal.)  I plan on hunkering down at lunch with it just to whisper sweet nothings into its binding.

I hate to brag, but I am pretty sure that I am the coolest person in my office right now.  (Never mind that there are only four of us.)

Anyhoo, if you are ever invited to hob-nob with some librarians, do it!  You’ll thank me.

Ye Evil Fair

4 Apr

As promised the Medieval Fair was awesome.  Or, as the kids are now calling it, the Evil Fair.  I’m too lazy to give you all a blow-by-blow of the day, you know…because it’s Monday morning.  However I will say that the kids got to ride a camel, Jaden sold her Aunt into slavery, Fisher bought her freedom and there was a lot of staged violence.  Oh, and turkey legs.  [smile]  It was the stuff dreams are made of:

Meet Captain the camel. Ride Captain, ride.


Fisher was less than pleased. Actually, I'm pretty sure he was terrified.

I wonder if the town leash law applies to camels? He needed to come home with me.

To translate: "Hey, wanna sell your Aunt?" "Sure!"

"Wench for sale!" (Nice one, Jaden.)

Fisher buys his Aunt's freedom with a dollar. She's a cheap wench.

...and kids this is yet another thing you can't try at home. Hey, where are those throwing axes?


Look at the size of those swords...I mean, shower curtain rods.

And finally, me getting up close and personal with a turkey leg. It's a good thing.


Forsooth, ’twas a fantastical day!