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The Long Goodbye

8 Oct


At the beginning of this year I had an UTI, everyone’s least favorite infection.  There’s nothing quite like the sensation of urinating fire. I quickly got on an antibiotic and a regimen of Sprite + Cranberry juice and assumed that everything would be fine.  And for a short while things were somewhat okay.  They weren’t perfect, but they weren’t as bad.  Hmm.  So for a few months I felt like I was on the verge of another UTI or that I had a mild case of it.  Finally things got bad enough that I went back into the doctor for what  I assumed was another bad UTI.  Unfortunately my urine sample came back clean.  This won me not another antibiotic, but a referral to a Urologist.

Let me just pause here and state that no woman wants to be subjected to any other doctor that has to poke about her nether-regions.  The annual pap smear by the Gynecologist is bad enough.  Do I really want to have to get prodded twice in one year?  That’s a negative.  (And besides, I don’t even thing Urologists tape pictures of beach scenes to the ceiling for you to look at while your lady parts are being invaded.   Sheesh.)

With dread I went to my appointment and got a thorough check-up from the Urologist which was even more unpleasant than a pap smear.  As if that is even possible.  We chatted about all the things you never want to discuss with someone other than your spouse and I even gave them a free urine sample.  (Because I’m that nice of a person.)  My Urologist diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis and scheduled me for a Cystoscopy to gauge the severity of my IC.

I returned a week later for the Cystoscopy with more than a moderate amount of apprehension.  I was told that only a local anesthetic was needed and that I shouldn’t worry.  Oh, that was such a lie.  That is quite possible the biggest lie ever told.  If ever you have to undergo a Cystoscopy and your doctor says that only a local anesthetic is needed, run.  Run as fast and as far away as you can.  For the love of all things, run.  I honestly would rate the pain of that procedure as worse than childbirth.  At least with childbirth you have the option of an Epidural.  With this procedure, all I had was some weak numbing gel that only “numbed” the opening of my urethra.  What about the rest of your urethra?  What about your bladder?  If you’ve been diagnosed with a painful bladder disorder, do you really want a metal tube shoved any near your unmentionables?  I think not.  Even after a rescue installation of a numbing solution into my bladder and a few injections in my backside, I was still sobbing with pain.  It was absolutely the worst experience.  It was only afterward that I learned a lot of Urologist will only perform a Cystoscopy under General Anesthesia because of the severe pain caused by the procedure.  Just my luck.

I left that day in tears with a list of prescriptions and a list of forbidden foods and drinks.  Oh my.

It’s been six months since that awful appointment and I have just now realized that I can no longer ignore my diagnosis in hopes that it will go away.  After a weekend full of coffee, hot tea, tomato-based stew & pizza, my bladder is just about ready to give up and run away.  Last night was a long, terrible night.  It was one of my worst IC flares in a while and I am still not feeling 100% today.  Thus today will be my last day of enjoying all of my forbidden goodies.  Goodbye coffee,  Goodbye, soda.  Goodbye, chocolate and tomatoes and all the other wonderful things in life that are full of flavor.

Do you or someone you know suffer from IC?  If so, I’d love to hear your story!  Especially any tips for overcoming the craving for coffee and chocolate and all the other lovely things we’re not supposed to have.  ;]