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Front Post Double Crochet Diamond Scarf

20 Dec
Front Post Double Crochet Diamond Scarf

Front Post Double Crochet Diamond Scarf

Here’s my latest lovely that I think turned out quite well if I do say so myself.   This has to be the fastest scarf that  I have ever worked up!  The pattern looks gorgeous and complicated but is actually easy to do once you get the hang of Front Post & Back Post Double Crochet.  I don’t know about you, but alternating between the two in a pattern always requires a bit of mental gymnastics on my part.  (The extra mental exertion always causes my tongue to poke out in concentration.  I don’t know how, but somehow crocheting with my tongue poking out like a loon helps.)

Front Post Double Crochet Diamond Scarf

The pattern is basically shells that increase in size as you work that are framed by diagonal front post and back post double crochets.  The result is this beautiful diamond-like pattern that I absolutely adore.  I chose a crimson tweed yarn for this particular piece.  The recipient is fond of tweed and hounds-tooth and I thought this to be a perfect fit for her.  Once I was done, I made another once in a deep crimson yarn sans the tweedy bits.  It too turned out to be lovely but found its way into some wrapping paper before I remembered to take a photo.  Oops.  These completed my Christmas gifts for the season and they were wonderful pieces to end on.

Once again I pulled the pattern from my favorite pattern reference book.  I know, I know.  You want a free pattern to link to!  You don’t want to have to go out and buy a book!  But trust me, this is well worth the purchase.  You’ll thank me in the end.

I’ll be absent for the next week as we travel back to Georgia to spend Christmas with my side of the family.  With the trip being 18 hours one way, I may need to bring some yarn along with me just in case.  Surely I can come up with something wonderful in 18 hours!  Suggestions are welcomed.  :]

I hope that you and yours enjoy the Holiday season and I’ll see you again before New Years!


Single Crochet Drop Stitch Scarf

17 Dec

Single Crochet Drop Stitch Scarf

The beautiful yarn that I bragged about the other week has finally found its way into a beautiful scarf.  I absolutely adore this yarn and this pattern!  I knew as soon as I purchased this yarn that whatever it became, would be staying with me.  The color palette is one of my favorites and the texture and softness of the yarn begged to be along side my neck.

Single Crochet Drop Stitch Scarf
Single Crochet Drop Stitch Scarf

The pattern was very simple but yielded a visually intriguing product.  I played around with a few patterns with this yarn before deciding on this one.  I wanted a pattern that would highlight the vibrant color variations in the yarn and I think this pattern does just that.  It shows off the subtle color changes well and drapes nicely around the neck and/or across the shoulders.

If you haven’t already purchased this book, then hopefully this scarf will urge you on.  This pattern of single crochet stitches paired with drop stitches was pulled from my favorite book pictured above.  There are so many beautiful patterns in there that it takes me hours to decide on which one to do next.  *sigh*  I do so love it.

Shells & Chains Scarf

30 Nov

Shells and Chains Scarf

Shells and Chains Stitch

My Christmas gift stash is growing larger every day.  Here is a delicate scarf I worked up over the span of two evenings.  Quick is always great when Christmas is only a few weeks away.  I searched all over Ravelry and Pinterest for a scarf pattern to compliment this Caron Simply Soft Yarn in the color Autumn Red.  I adore this color and have been saving it for something special.  Unfortunately I could not find the “it” pattern I was looking for.  Thus I turned to my favorite crochet reference book.

This book is a wealth of knowledge for hookers of every skill level.  It features easy to read instructions as well as diagrams and beautiful color pictures of every pattern.  It also includes a breakdown of international crochet symbols.  I am seriously in love with this book.

The pattern I settled on does not have a particular name or title.  It can be found in the Shells and Chains section of the book.  I worked the scarf to a length of approximately five feet and then edged it in a row of single crochet stitches to give it a polished appearance.  I even had some yarn left over when I was done!  (More yarn for my remnants stash!)  The skein I was working from was a 6 ounce, 315 yard long skein.  It’s a bit larger than your typical skein, but is still an affordable one.  The average price for this skein is $4.29 but can be frequently found on sale at local craft stores.

This one skein project ending up being beautiful, quick and very affordable.  Hooray, affordable!

Morelli Scarf

1 Oct

My husband’s grandmother is celebrating her birthday today.  As a gift I made her this scarf with Caron Simply Soft yarn in the color Pagoda.  I am simply in love with Caron Simply Soft.  It is definitely one of my go-to yarns for scarfs.

I stumbled across the pattern for this scarf a few days ago during one of my “pattern stalking” marathons on the internet.  You know how it is:  You start by casually glancing at DIY & Craft posts on Pinterest. Before you know it, you’re browsing yarn manufacturers for that special yarn.  Then you blink and two hours are gone.  ;]  Yes, I think we’ve all been there and have surely done that.  This pattern is one of the free patterns offered by Lion Brand Yarn.  It is their Morelli Scarf.  It was a lot of fun to work up and did not take long at all.  The only part I struggled with was the edging.  Edging continues to give me fits, but hopefully I’ll over come that soon.  (Seriously, Single Crochet?  It should not be kicking my butt like it is!)

On the hook

20 Sep


On the hook this week….a Post & Shells scarf.  This one I may have to keep for myself.

*** Post Update ***

This pattern worked up beautifully!  I used Caron Simply Soft, which gave it wonderful drape.