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Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

18 Dec

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I’ve meant to post about these amazing little cupcakes for weeks now, however I have been too exhausted to make myself do so.  Two birthday parties back-to-back almost did me in!  I have never baked so much in my life and I am now on a baking strike until after the New Year.  (I “may” have gone through 8 pounds of confectioners sugar in one weekend.  Eek!)

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

For Jaden’s 10th Birthday, which was two weeks ago, she asked for Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes for her classroom celebration.  I instantly had horrific flashbacks of the last time I made these but resolved to improve upon the last experience.  Surely these cupcakes would not steal my sanity twice!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

And they didn’t!  This time I decided to not over think it and to just bake the darn things already!

I filled each cake cone 2/3 way full with cake batter and then placed each cake cone in an opening of my muffin pan.  Mind you, you have to be VERY careful when placing them in the oven or they will tip over.  (…and you will curse and shout and tear out all of your hair when this happens.  Don’t worry, that’s normal.)  Once baked, I carefully set them out on a wire rack to cool.  While they cooked, I whipped up some buttercream icing and colored it in two not-too girly yet not too-boyish colors.  (Because Jaden does not like pink.)  Once colored, I filled up my piping bag which I fitted with my largest star tip and went to work.  Starting on the outside edge, I piped in a clock-wise motion as I worked my way toward the center.  And Viola!

Then came the hard part.  Figuring out how the heck I was going to transport these things to school without them falling over.  The last time I made these I constructed this complicated cardboard carrying system with custom cut holes soaked in my tears.  This time I shoved them all into an aluminum baking dish and willed them not to fall over.  Despite driving 0.02 miles an hour all the way to the school, about half of the fell over.  Thankfully the buttercream had developed a bit of a crust to it and thus they weren’t damaged too badly.  Ah well.

4thd Grade children aren’t looking for works of art, they just want to eat something sweet!  :]


Dirt & Worm Cupcakes

30 Nov
Dirt & Worm Cupcakes

Dirt & Worm Cupcakes

Tomorrow is Fisher’s 8th Birthday.  He has counted down to it pretty much since his 7th.  To celebrate, I made his favorite cupcakes to share with his class at school today:  Dirt & Worm Cupcakes.  They are super easy to make, taste great and are always a huge hit at school.

Dirt & Worm Cupcakes

Dirt & Worm Cupcakes

I used a box of Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake Mix, but you can use whatever chocolate cake mix you prefer.  Once they have completely cooled, I piped on some chocolate icing, rolled the tops of the cupcakes in crushed Oreo cookies and topped them each with a gummy worm.  Tah-dah!

Even though I used a box mix, I do highly recommend that you make your own chocolate icing.  It is always superior to canned icing that you find at the store and it is super simple to make.  This is my favorite chocolate icing recipe, one that I got from my mother:

Chocolate Icing Recipe:

  • 1/2 heaping cup of cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup sour cream
  • 3 cups confectioner’s sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 stick of butter, softened


Cream together the butter and cocoa powder.  Next, mix in the vanilla extract and salt.  Add the sour cream and mix until combined.  Slowly work in the confectioners sugar.  Once combined, mix at medium speed for a few minutes until it is nice and smooth.  I use this time to rinse off utensils and tidy up around the kitchen.  (Confectioners sugar inevitably ends up everywhere when I use it.)

The icing is usually cool from the refrigerated sour cream, so I let it set for a minute or two to let it warm up.  Cold icing is hard to pipe with.  If you want to pipe on the icing, just grab a bag and a large, open tip.  It doesn’t really matter what tip you use as long as it is a large one.  You don’t even have to make it look pretty since you’re just going to roll the iced part of the cupcake in crushed Oreo cookies.  It’s a fool-proof decorating plan!

If you don’t have a piping bag or tips, just grab a spatula or even a butter knife.  Again, it doesn’t have to look pretty.  The crushed Oreo’s hide just about any icing misstep.

This recipe will make enough icing for 24 cupcakes, plus a few extra.  This recipe is also great on chocolate cake.  I usually mix up two batches when icing a two-layer, eight inch round cake.



3 Dec

Jaden turns 8 years old tomorrow.  Eight.  That’s two years away from double digits.  And hormones.  And I don’t want to even know what else.  [siiiigh]  Where did time go?  Apparently someone has fed it miracle gro…without my consent.  [tisk, tisk]

She is definitely her own person.  Completely unlike myself, she has never really gotten into Barbie’s or baby dolls.  In fact I am still not sure what she is into.  Science-y stuff?  I believe that we have entered the “Hands-On, I-want-to-make-stuff” phase of childhood.  She is independent and outgoing and I could not be more proud of her.

To celebrate her special day tomorrow, I made cupcakes to take to her class today.  Since Fisher had dirt cupcakes with gummy worms on them, I decided to take a different, more feminine route with Jaden.  (But not too feminine…she can’t stand the Disney Princesses.  Who can blame her?  They’re always getting into some kind of trouble.)  [wink]

Ahhh, ice cream cone cupcakes.  Awesome.  Adorable.  And a downright pain in the arse to make.  Do they want to stand up while you bake them?  Negative.  Do you really think you know where the 2/3 full line is on an ice cream cone?  You don’t.   And unless you’ve had some serious experience with a piping bag, you’re not going to achieve cute, icing swirls that are reminiscent of soft serve cones.  And don’t even get me started on the transportation issue.  How does one transport these to school?  Let’s just say you’ll be spending a lot of time with some cardboard and box cutter.  Talk about homemade.  [whew]

Despite all of my complaints, they did turn out to be pretty cute and the kids at school flipped when they saw them.  And that’s what counts.  [smile]

Happy Birthday, Jaden.  Mommy loves you and hopes that you have a fantastic day tomorrow!  (Starting with Lunch at Red Lobster…because she’s got expensive tastes.)  ;]

The Fishman

1 Dec

Today is Fisher’s 6th birthday.  Let me have a mom moment here…it’ll just take a second.  Six years?  When did my squirmy little man get so old?  My heartburn-inducing baby bump has grown into one of the coolest kids I know.  (Along with his sister, of course.)

He definitely has the most original imagination.  Chicken Breath?  His teddy bear is named Chicken Breath.  And his toy dog is named Mockla.  I kid you not.  This little dude is going to do great things.  (For starters, creating new baby name trends…Mockla will catch on, I just know it!)

So, to kick off his special day, last night I made some cupcakes for his class at school.  Dirt cupcakes with gummie worms, of course.  Could you inject more testosterone into cupcakes?  I think not.  Poor little, two-headed worms.  They just didn’t make the cut.

Fisher was so thoughtful that he even offered to help me make them.  It’s a good thing too, I didn’t know what I was going to do with the deformed gummie worms.

Of course disposing of the deformed worms led to an over-scrutinizing of the worms.  Not the correct shade of red?  I’m sure the other Kindergarteners won’t mind.  You think it’s tail is too long?  No!  Don’t bite it off and stick it on the cupcake!  Yikes.

Thankfully, the cupcakes were not drooled on or half-eaten…at least, not when they arrived at school this morning.

As for the evening, Fisher has chosen to have ribs for his birthday, because he is a carnivore through and through.  His affinity for ribs reminds me of my childhood.  My sister to be exact.  She would eat ribs wherever we went.  Some of those rib-loving jeans must have been passed on to Fisher.

I’ve considered taking bets on how many ribs he will eat, but most people frown on gambling.  Too bad.  The winnings could have bought Fisher more ribs.  So, the next time you turn up your nose to gambling, just think of the children.  [wink]

Happy Birthday, Fishman.  Mommy loves you in my heart.  (That’s “Fisher Speak” for the most sincere form of love in existence.)