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Oklahoma: Now Offering Earthquakes

13 Oct


Earthquake Damage


When I moved to Oklahoma a few months ago I knew that I was signing up for tornadoes, snow and the occasional ice storm.  No one told me about the earthquakes.  And that may be due to the fact that Oklahoma hasn’t had many noticeable earthquakes…until today.

5.1 on the Richter scale may not sound that impressive, but when it’s only 3.1 miles below the surface it’s hard not to notice.  Especially when it almost shakes you out of your chair.

I was at the office this morning with Jordan and his dad when everything started shaking.  And I’m not talking about just a little.  I never knew earthquakes would be so loud.  It was an all-consuming roar that drowned out the radio and had me screaming before I realized what I was doing.   I am not sure what was more terrifying, the shaking or the noise. I did almost fall out of my chair because the shaking was so bad.  I quickly got up and ran for the front door along with Jordan and his dad.  At first we thought that a bomb had gone off or that a truck had driven into our building.  However, when everyone else on our street came pouring into the street we realized that it wasn’t just us.

Then came the debate on whether we should go back inside.  Our office building is less than sound and was showing some cracks from the recent shaking.  We did eventually go back inside though not without some trepidation.  You quickly learn to look overhead for potential hazards, which is what I’ve done since the quake.  There’s a lot of stuff up there!

Thankfully the kid’s school called to report that all was well and no damage had been done to the school.  I cannot wait to pick them up and hear their stories.  I am sure that they will be colorful.

So there you have it.  Come visit Oklahoma!  Home to almost every natural disaster known to man!