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3 Jan

Alrighty, folks.  I’m back.  Finally, I know.  I guess I should have warned you that I’d been gone for a week-ish.  A 2,000 mile round trip to Georgia takes a while and definitely takes a lot out of you.  Besides, we’re still having Christmas here at our house.  We’ve got our last round of gift opening tonight.  I know.  We are just that cool.

So, how was your holiday?  As you can already tell, ours was busy.  However, I am pleased to announce that we set an all time record during our trip back home to Georgia.  We drove it in only 16 hours!  That is pathetic and exciting at the same time.  And…and…it gets better.  We didn’t even get stuck in a traffic jam in Birmingham on the way back home.  Oh, step back!  This might be too much for you to take in!  [wink]

Seriously, I think driving straight through Birmingham was the best Christmas gift of all.  That town can kill your ETA.

Anywho….moving along…

I do have one particularly hilarious tale to tell you before I head off to work.  For the past few years my mom and her boyfriend, Charles, get my sister and I a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti for Christmas.  A few weeks ago they picked up a bottle for each of us at the store and headed back home with the bubbly in tow.  However, before they made it home, they realized that the bottles said “Sparkling Wine” instead of “Champagne.”  Well, tarter sauce.  They had bought the wrong thing!  (At least, that’s what they thought.)  They had wanted Champagne, not Sparkling Wine…whatever that was.  So, they turned around and went back to the store.  It took some convincing, but eventually the store allowed them to return it.  Frustrated, they set off for the liquor store.  Surely there they would find Champagne.

Which they did…along with a quick education in the differences and similarities between Champagne and Sparkling Wine.  You see, Champagne is Sparkling Wine.  However, Sparkling Wine is not Champagne.  Sparkling Wine made in Champagne, France in the method of Champagne is called….wait for it….Champagne.  This is the only “sparkling wine” that can be called Champagne.  All other sparkling wine is…well, sparkling wine.

Which is what they discovered at the liquor store.  And one they learned that, they again bought two bottles of Martini and Rossi Asti for my sister and I for Christmas.

Not that funny?  Well, you should have been there.  [wink]


The incorrigible Mr. H

2 Mar

Let’s play…Name That Bird! (Seriously)

This bird, and twenty like it, lives in patch of vines that grow on my backyard fence. (Next week we’ll play: Name That Vine!) Every afternoon when I come home from work, I have a flock of these tiny birds waiting to greet me.  Hello, unnamed birdies!  The make my day…except when I try to photograph them.  As soon as I do that, they scatter like the apocalypse is coming.

I am not digging work today.  It may be that it is cold and rainy outside.  Or it may be that my boss is not in the best of moods. (Has that ever happened to you?  You wake up in a great mood, but then the mood of other people infects your mood with anit-good-mood-iness?)

Or it may be that my tenants are just down-right hateful today. (Say what?  My tenant are always a joy to be around…*cough*)

Take for instance this one guy, (We’ll call him Mr. H): Every month Mr. H comes into my office with the foulest mood trailing behind him.  I am quite sure that a smile would stop his heart in its tracks.  He never says anything to me unless he has something to complain about.  Otherwise, he stands at the counter, impatiently tapping his fingers, as I process his payment.  (As impatient people are wont to do.)

As I complete his payment and slide him his receipt, he snatches it up from the counter and then takes great pleasure in destroying it in front of me.  Sometimes he tears it up into bits, but usually he very slowly and very loudly crumples it into a ball.  He then makes a show of throwing it into the trash can as he stomps out the door. (…and cue the closing curtain.)

What the Frak, man? (To quote Battlestar…which I’ve never seen.)

And that’s the way it’s been all day.  Thankfully, I picked up a bottle of Kris Pinot Grigio 2008 yesterday.  Yummers. I will certainly enjoy a glass tonight, once the wee ones are in bed.  Hooray, me!

Starting things off right

1 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope that all of you are having a fabulous start to the new year.  As for me and my family, we’ll be spending the day in our PJ’s watching episodes of Dr. Who.  We’re just cool that way.  *wink*

Regular posting will resume on Monday, January 4th.

In case you were wondering, we decided to go with a bottle of Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut.  Made in the traditional method of Champagne, it was utterly delicious.  Yumness.  It looks like the Banfi Rosa Regale will have to wait until Valentine’s Day.  ;)

2010…but how do you see through the 1?

30 Dec

Well, today is the 30th.  You know what that means…everyone will be going out today to stock up on champagne, noise makers and those ridiculous glasses with peep holes.  (I’m sure that someone has figured out how to make “2010” into glasses.) 

I, of course will be picking up my usual bottle of Martini and Rossi Asti Sparkling Wine.  Though, I have been eyeing a bottle of Banfi Rosa Regale 2007.  You know, just to mix things up a bit.  I like to live life on the edge.

Anyhoo, along with bubbly and glasses comes the all important calendar.  I don’t know about you, but picking up a new calendar for the year is just as exciting as buying a new car.  (At least, it is for me)  Whatever calendar you buy will set the tone for the rest of your year. 

My mom and Charles were kind enough to give me a Vintage Wines calendar for Christmas…they know how much I love my vino.

It’s an awesome calendar and is the perfect size for my desk at work.

However, I still need to pick up a calendar for my house.  This is where the exciting part comes in: 

Etsy has hundreds of options to peruse.  I, being the thoughtful person that I am, have compiled a short list of my top picks for 2010 Calendars.  These are sure to tickle your fancy:

2010 Printable Calendar

by Happy Papers


 2010 Animal Pastimes Calendar

by Sadly Harmless


The Town

Large 2010 Poster Calendar

by The Sketched Book


2010 Calendar

by Happify


Woodland Whimsey 2010 Desktop Calendar

by Ruff House Art



I am in no way sponsored by the aforementioned shops.  Nor was I asked to advertise for them.  These are solely my personal choices.


3 Nov

After a week of awful, mass-produced Pinot Grigio, my resolve to wait until Wednesday, (grocery day), to buy a bottle of red wine dissolved.  Too ashamed am I to disclose the name of the Pinot Grigio I have suffered through these past few days; just let me say that it was disgusting.  However, that’s what I get for not doing my homework.

Too lazy was I today to research what red I wanted to buy this week, so I headed off to the only decent wine store in town to pick up a bottle of 337 Cabernet.  Much to my surprise and excitement, I discovered that 337 had a sister wine out, the 181 Merlot.  Oh, how painful indecision can be.  Thankfully, the ever-so-helpful wine manager invited me to the back to try the 181 for myself.  Yumness. I usually go with Clos de Bois when it comes to Merlot, but 181 has now stolen first place.

After a sip or two…or three, I got to try a sweet, red Dornfelder from Germany.  I know, sweet red wine?  Who in their right mind would drink such?  I must say, as far as sweet red wine goes, it was okay.  Much better than the Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Red 2007…yuck.   Still, its not really something I enjoy; I like my red wine to be dry.  That said, I believe the Dornfelder would be a good introductory red wine for anyone who has either never had wine before or only likes white wine. 

Being the wine neophyte that I am, I can not say with full confidence whether or not the 181 was a truly phenomenal wine.  I can, however, say that it was utterly fabulous as an every day wine and I would highly recommend it to anyone, any day.

So, go forth my readers.  Hit up your local wine merchant for some 181 / Dornfelder and enjoy the bliss that comes from sipping on wine.

Mah-mah-mah-my Shiraz!

14 Oct

(In case you were wondering, the title is a reference to the song, “My Sharona” by The Knack. If you haven’t heard of it, listen to it and love it.)

That said, I had a fabulous glass of Lindeman’s Shiraz Reserve 2007 last night….yumness. Now, I’m not professing to be a wine expert, I’m far from it. However, I feel like I know enough to pick out a decent bottle. The Reserve was fabulous…similar to the Lindeman’s Shiraz, but much more smooth on the finish. Deeelish!

There are few things more relaxing than curling up in an over sized chair with a glass of wine and your favorite show/movie on the TV. Last night’s show of choice was “Fringe.” If you haven’t seen it yet, just know that you are missing out. Totally. It is, by far, my favorite show for the time being. Jordan and I are working our way through Season One right now. (Thank you, Netflix) I detest horror movies, but I love nothing more than a creepy/gross sci-fi thriller. Give me the undead or mad scientists and I am a happy camper. It’s is like The X-Files met CSI. (A match made in heaven)

So, if you need me tonight, I’ll be cozied up in my living room watching “Fringe” with one of my favorite glasses of red. Bon Appetit!

Please drink responsibly. Moderation is a must.

Day One without Jordan…A Survivor’s Tale

23 Jul

Ok, so maybe the title of today’s post is a bit over the top, but it’s been a while since Jordan & I have had to do the long-distance thing, and it is hard to get back into that way of life. (striking a dramatic pose with a hand across my forehead) Except this time around he is in California, so that means a 3 hour time difference. (Boo hoo, right?) (Yes, exactly) Anyway, Jordan is off to the International Comic-Con in San Diego and won’t be back until Monday night. If any of you have heard, Jordan has been watching the kids at home this summer. With him in San Diego, the kids are having to go to work with me. (Seriously, could you imagine a more stressful scenerio?) Jaden and Fisher have no concept of time whatsoever, so you can imagine how their first 8 hour work day went. (Hey, is that a white hair I see in the mirror?!) For the majority of the day they were relatively calm and quiet. We went home for lunch and had a picnic on the back patio while Denny ran about the yard, terrorizing leaves and seemingly harmless blades of grass. However, something woke up inside of them around 2pm…something evil…with horns. “MOMMY, THE PHONE IS RINGING!” “Yes, Fisher, I hear it but I’m with a customer and can’t get to it right now.” “BUT IT’S STILL RINGING!” (the longest imaginable sigh ever) “Jaden, my chair is not a merry-go-round.” “Please, for the love of God, do not go near the water cooler again….y’all have sacrificed enough plastic cups for the day.” The most depressing part is that I have two more days of this to go. So, please send your prayer cards to the following address…. ;)

This evening was much more low key. After my trip to the ER on Sunday, I have become quite the invalid, thus my mother has sworn me to lift nothing heavier than a Q-Tip. She and Charles have been so very kind to take care of me while Jordan is away and fixed supper for the kids and I tonight. We inhaled some hamburgers, french fries, grapes and brownies for dessert. (Yum!) Denny tagged along and drooled over the cats that he could see through the kitchen door. Poor guy, he wanted to lick one so bad.

At the moment, the kids are in bed and Denny is trying to kill my duster. He treats it like they are sworn blood enemies. Somehow, I don’t think my $4 Target special is going to make it.

I am observing said massacre over the rim of a glass of Banfi Centine 2006. The jury, which consits of just me, is still out on this one. It’s a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot with 60 % of the blend being Sangiovese. Not a prominent variety here in the states, but quite big in Italy. (Agh! I just tried to take a whiff of the nose and got more than I bargained for…*sneeze*…I don’t think that Robert Parker intended for me to inhale it) Oops. Well, there goes my attempt to sound knowledgeable.