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Time Rewind

10 Feb

I decided to take a step back in time today.  I had yet to discover blogging when the kids were little and thus have missed out on sharing some particularly hilarious stories.

Fisher had a frustrating yet retrospectively comical habit of constantly looking for a potential snack.  The poor kid couldn’t help himself.  He would appear in the most unlikely places.  Like the top shelf of the pantry.  He would climb up the shelves to investigate and the door would shut behind him.  I would come along behind him to discover him camping out with chicken broth and bags of rice.  Nice one, son.

His little adventures in the kitchen quickly led to the installation of locks on all the cabinets.  Truly pathetic, but effective.  And I guess that’s what drove him to fishing around in the freezer.  Because one morning I came to get him up for breakfast and found him vehemently protecting his pillow as if his life depended on it.  He wouldn’t let me get near his pillow.  Well, that kind of defense warrants some serious investigation.  And what I found was down-right ridiculous.  Any guesses?  How about some frozen cube steak?  Oh yeah.  He’d gotten up early so he could root around the freezer for a snack.  He quickly realized that his prize would need some time to thaw and stuffed it under his pillow for safe keeping.

Mmm…steak pillow.  [cough]  That afternoon I installed locks on the refrigerator/freezer as well.  The kitchen was officially a war zone.  ;]