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Look How Far You’ve Come

26 Jan



Saturday is my co-worker’s birthday.  And since she considers it to be a National Holiday, she is taking the day off tomorrow.  Thus, today was the day for all office festivities.  I hung up the obligatory “Happy Birthday” banner and even doused her desk in confetti…because I’m just that nice.  I even went so far as to make her a hand-made card.  (Complete with fallopian tubes & ovaries!)  You only wish you had a friend as awesome as myself.

I saw a card similar to this the other day on the internet and instantly fell in love.  It is the best card idea in existence.

I think it turned out well considering I’ve never drawn a uterus before and it was completed in under five minutes.  You know you’ve done a good job on gift-giving when the recipient is too embarrassed to show it off freely.

You’re welcome.