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Back in black….and white

20 Jul

After six weeks of visiting family back in Georgia, Jaden & Fisher will finally come back home this weekend.  And with that factoid comes my yearning to write once more.  Apparently my gift of gab  wanes when the kidos are away.  Go figure.  I guess it is that I have spent my entire adult life as a parent and the sudden loss of children leaves me aimless.  I got married two weeks after graduating highschool and gave birth to Jaden a mere six months later.  That’s right, you do the math.  So when I say I’ve spent my entire adult life as a parent, I’m not exaggerating.

So, Raine, what have you do with your free time these last six weeks?  Oh, you know, the usual.  I’ve watched four seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, much to the disapproval of my sofa.  (Because what sofa wants to be used that much?)  And I’ve also been conducting self research into why I feel like the proverbial “death warmed over” all the time. 

That’s right, folks.  It’s time for Raine’s Medical Mystery once again!  But wasn’t the two-year search for an elusive hernia enough?  Apparently not.  Thus I’ve kicked off another grueling journey through countless doctors offices.  Oh, it’s exciting stuff.  I’ve already gotten a visit with a Gastroenterologist set up for next week.  Let’s see what’s causing my early satiety and nausea, y’all.  (Yes, I channeled my inner Paula Dean just now.) 

So far during my search I’ve determined that I’m hypoglycemic at times and that monitoring blood sugar is hell on your fingers.  Because my fingers like to put up a fight when it comes to squeezing out a drop of blood.  I had to dress of my lancet like a Trojan horse to get an ounce of cooperation.  Sheesh.  

But back to the kids…

Jordan and I will be driving to Memphis again this Saturday only to turn around and drive back to Oklahoma the next day.  Not a fun trip, but definitely worth the drive.  We’ll have 8+ glorious hours to listen to the kid’s stories of summer.  Me = Excited