Hur did.

13 Apr


Alright, fake smiles everyone!


Jaden got her hair cut yesterday.  In reality it’s her first major haircut besides the one she gave herself as a toddler.  But no one  counts giving yourself a rat-tail a true haircut.

Needless to say, she looks pretty darn cute.  Oh, the classic bob.  It’s a hairstyle my sister and I wore throughout the majority of our childhood.  Besides, who wouldn’t like a hairstyle called Bob?

Of course when it came to taking a picture of her new haircut she instantly turned on the fake smile.  No amount of lip jiggling or funny joke telling could produce a genuine smile.  As for Fisher?  Well, after asking me about 382 times if I would take his picture and after 382 replies of “just a minute,” he dissolved into tears.  Because he is the most sensitive child I have ever met.  Thankfully he can dry them up almost as quickly as he can get them going.  Thus he looks like he’s just finished an hour-long crying jag.  Probably over the end of “Steel Magnolias,” because who wouldn’t cry over that?

Besides Jaden’s typical faux smile, she is also sporting sucker residue.  She and Fisher got treated to blow pops by the hairstylist after being such model citizens during the hair cutting procedure.

So, there you have it.  Fake smiles.  One tearful, the other green.  It’s the epitome of childhood.  Enjoy!


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