Adventures with Winston

12 Jul

The other weekend Jordan and I had the pleasure of dog sitting for one of my best friends.  Meet Winston:

He’s an adorable American Bulldog that has almost as much energy as he does personality.  Look at those eyes.  *sigh*  He is such an irresistable pup.  Well, he’s 14 + months old…still a pup, in my book.

Jordan and I have grand dreams of Winston spending the weekend frolicking about our back yard with Denny and Lemon.  Maybe even resting at the feet of our children as they watched cartoons.

Oh no.  Dreams = Crashed.

Denny was greatly offended  by the presence of another male dog in our house.  How could we?  Though he has short legs, he’s still top dog…right?  No, Winston was not going to be doing any frolicking.  Instead, he stared at Denny in disbelief as Denny tried to bark menacingly at him.  Denny the ever-loving Corgi turned protective and down right insufferable.

Then there was Lemon. Sweet, innocent Lemon.  She found Winston to be the most terrifying dog she had ever met.  The nasty pit bull up the road?  Psh.  Not scary at all.  The adorable, harmless Winston?  Oh, he’s practically Godzilla.  She spent the weekend wetting herself and cowering in fear.

The there were the children.  Oh, Winston loved them.  And I do mean LOVED.  He loved them so much in fact that he tried to make puppies with them.  “Winston!  No humping the children!”  (Oh, the things I never thought I’d say.)

So, poor pitiful Winston spend the weekend being shuffled about the house like he was a rival gang member in prison.  And the worst part was having to suffer through his looks of misunderstanding.  He couldn’t fathom why no one but Jordan and myself wanted to play with him.

Lucky for him, he got plenty of play time.

Even some unscheduled play time.  We came to discover that Winston is the canine version of Houdini.  He can escape from any enclosure at any time.  Five-foot fence?  No problem.  He’ll just climb it.  Metal, indoor dog pen?  He’ll just bend the bars.  By Sunday he had me wishing that I kept some spare kryptonite around the house.

Escape attempts aside, dog-sitting Winston was a blast.  He was excellent company, especially when it came to afternoon naps.  Though Denny & Lemon were glad to see him go, it was a bit sad for Jordan and I to return him.


One Response to “Adventures with Winston”

  1. Amber July 12, 2010 at 1:07 PM #

    aww, you posted it. lol, that’s awesome! i’m soooo thankful to have you as my triplet! thanks again. can’t wait for part 2: winston in OK! =]

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