If you’re going to be dumb, then you’d better be tough

10 Jul

Since my time in the Property Management business will soon come to a close, I feel that it would be a crime to not share with you some of the best questions I’ve heard lately:

1) Bad Credit

Co-Worker: “Sir, your application has been denied due to your credit.”

Applicant: “I’ve got bad credit?”

Co-Worker: “Yes, sir.”

Applicant: “Well, what if I go out and pick up some good credit?  Could I be approved then?”

Unfortunately, that’s not how credit works.

2) Office Location

An applicant enters our office waiting room and takes a seat.

Applicant: “Um, yeah.  Do you have an office somewhere where we could sit down and talk?”

Riiiight.  Is there a full moon out this week?


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