For The Ladies

13 Jul

A few rhetorical questions for the ladies:

1) Don’t you love it when you go to undo your pants in the bathroom only to find that your zipper was already down?

2) Don’t you love a new bra?  (Gaaahhh…it is glorious.)

(If I didn’t lose the guys on question one, then I’ve definitely lost them now.)

Fresh off the rack (and from the washer) a new bra is wonderful, especially for someone who’s had two kids.  *ahem*  I acquired some new lady lovelies the other day from my sister.  She had unknowingly purchased the wrong size and thus I inherited three new brassieres.  Normally no one else notices a new bra, which is just as it should be.  And my new lady lovelies were cruising under the radar until one night when I decided to pull it off and relax.

(Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  You get home from work, take off your shoes and then take off your bra….and then breathe a sigh of relief.)

Well, apparently my new bra was doing too good a job.  Jaden entered the room a few minutes later and came to a sudden stop in front of me.

“Um, mommy?”  *motioning to my chest*  “They shrank!!”

Yep.   These new bras a fantastic!  (Until I take them off.)  ;)


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