Shells & Chains Scarf

30 Nov

Shells and Chains Scarf

Shells and Chains Stitch

My Christmas gift stash is growing larger every day.  Here is a delicate scarf I worked up over the span of two evenings.  Quick is always great when Christmas is only a few weeks away.  I searched all over Ravelry and Pinterest for a scarf pattern to compliment this Caron Simply Soft Yarn in the color Autumn Red.  I adore this color and have been saving it for something special.  Unfortunately I could not find the “it” pattern I was looking for.  Thus I turned to my favorite crochet reference book.

This book is a wealth of knowledge for hookers of every skill level.  It features easy to read instructions as well as diagrams and beautiful color pictures of every pattern.  It also includes a breakdown of international crochet symbols.  I am seriously in love with this book.

The pattern I settled on does not have a particular name or title.  It can be found in the Shells and Chains section of the book.  I worked the scarf to a length of approximately five feet and then edged it in a row of single crochet stitches to give it a polished appearance.  I even had some yarn left over when I was done!  (More yarn for my remnants stash!)  The skein I was working from was a 6 ounce, 315 yard long skein.  It’s a bit larger than your typical skein, but is still an affordable one.  The average price for this skein is $4.29 but can be frequently found on sale at local craft stores.

This one skein project ending up being beautiful, quick and very affordable.  Hooray, affordable!


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