Crochet Capelet

14 Nov

It’s alive!  Muahaha!

I finished this Capelet last night and I am absolutely thrilled with the result.  Actually, I feel like Doctor Frankenstein did upon bringing his monster to life.  If only there had been a strategically place lightening bolt and clap of thunder upon the completion of the last stitch!  What a missed opportunity!

I came across the pattern for this Capelet on Lion Brand Yarn’s website.  It’s a free crochet pattern, which is always a plus.  I sometimes have trouble linking this pattern.  Maybe it’s an operator error, but at times I just can’t get this pattern to pull up via a link.  Thus, here are the details:

  • Lion Brand Yarn Website
  • Crochet Capelet
  • Pattern #: 60728A

The pattern suggests using Vanna’s Choice yarn, but honestly any yarn will do.  Just keep your gauge in mind as you get ready to start.  I used Caron One Pound in the color Iris.  I’ve never used this particular yarn before and have mixed feelings about it.  The yarn is a great price for what you get.  That said, about ten rows into the pattern I came across  a large swath of yarn that was severely frayed.  This negated the entire point of purchasing a skein of this size.  I wanted to avoid having to work through several skeins and weaving in ends as I went.  However, once I cut out that section and started again, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the project.  Hopefully this was just a fluke.

Yarn complaints aside, I went with a size US K 10.5 hook.  If making this for a child, you may want to opt for a smaller hook.  Or, you can stick with the larger hook and allow for growing room.  As a mother of two, I am all for any garment or shoe that has a little bit of growing room to it.

The pattern does not state if this is for adults or children.  I would say that the smallest size would work fine for a child age six to eight of average build.  It wouldn’t be hard to adjust the pattern to fit an adult either.  Which, in my opinion, is what makes this pattern great.  It’s easy, it works up quickly and it’s versatile.  I worked on this for a few hours Sunday afternoon, a few hours on Monday night and finished it up last night after only an hour or two.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested.

Hooray, crochet!


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