The First and Possibly Only

13 Feb


It finally snowed last night.  The kids have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of snow.  Last year we were not prepared when the blizzard hit and thus had to piece together suitable sledding materials and other things to play in the snow with.  This year we are prepared.  And so far we haven’t had enough snow to play in.  This snow, though respectable, is not enough to really do much with.  We can only hope that winter will give us another snow day, one filled with lots of road-choking snow.



Even the dogs were not that impressed.  Oh, they were interested for sure.  Denny ran about the yard like a Hoover trying to suck up as much snow as possible.  Lemon made it her job to collect as many snow balls that her fur could hold.  And she most certainly excelled at her job.  ;]


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