Pixel me this, Batman

24 Jan

Hrm…whatever could it be?

Jordan has spent the last five days in Dallas attending the ALA winter conference, or for those of you who aren’t in the know: American Library Association.  Seriously, it’s the most happening event to occur in the last week…in Texas…*ahem*

A conference brimming with librarians and what I assumed would be the world’s largest “Quite Please” sign did not sound like something I couldn’t live without seeing.  Jordan invited me down over the weekend, however a 3+ hour car trip with the kids  just to rub elbows with tweed-clad women didn’t tempt me away from the mountain of laundry awaiting me at home.

Oh, I should have gone.  What was I thinking?  Do you know what librarians do?  They work with books.  Books, I know, right?!  And do you know where they get these books from?  Publishers.  Bingo!  The ALA was crawling with Publishers hawking upcoming releases from some very fabulous authors.  Advanced copies as far as the eye could see, free for the taking!  (Oh, I think I need a moment alone.)  And I missed out.  *le sigh*  Thankfully Jordan snagged quite the load of newbie books and unloaded them in our living room last night.  Kids books, graphic novels, fiction, short-stories, etc…  It.  Was.  Glorious.

Best of all, my mother-in-law scored an advanced copy of the newest book from one of my favorite authors for me.  I feel sneaky having it, almost as if I am operating under the radar… or above the law!  (Catch me if you can, Steven Segal.)  I plan on hunkering down at lunch with it just to whisper sweet nothings into its binding.

I hate to brag, but I am pretty sure that I am the coolest person in my office right now.  (Never mind that there are only four of us.)

Anyhoo, if you are ever invited to hob-nob with some librarians, do it!  You’ll thank me.


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