Return from library land

23 Jan

Say whaa?


Flippity flip, fool!


“The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby”

(The 8-megapixel camera on my new smartphone is not impressing me.  What’s up, smart phone?  No flash?  Fine…adjust your ISO, for Pete’s sake.  You know how easily upset Pete can get.)

Jordan has been out of town for five days at a library conference and has just returned home with a truck load of new books.  Books are our crack.  We love books at our house.  We would shuffle them across boarders in stolen truck tires if it were required…and if it wouldn’t bend the pages.

We have read aloud to each other for an hour now and there is no sign of us stopping any time soon.  Jordan has already graced us with a story about Chinese fox-vampires and Jaden is just now starting in on “The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby.”  If you can’t guess, this book is seeping at the seams with bathroom humor which is the most sought-after brand of humor in our house these days.

I personally love the look on Fisher’s face in the first photo the best.  He is the master of emotional conveyance and would have a bright future in miming if only it where a profitable profession.


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