Think it Through

19 Jan

(No, I am not pregnant.  There is something about blog posts that have either A) Belly Pictures  B) The word “pregnant” included within them.  It’s as if the mind zeros in on those items and assumes what it wishes.  Oh, you finicky mind, you.)  

Monday night I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to dig through a trunk of old photos that has taken up space in my living room for far too long.  (Actually, it’s not a trunk but a plastic storage bin.  However “plastic storage bin” doesn’t sound as nice as “trunk,” so I’m opting for the classier terminology here.)

In the “trunk” there where mostly pictures a decade old or older, however tucked in along the sides were some photos from last year.

One in particular caught the eye of my daughter who immediately exclaimed, “…are you pregnant in that picture?!”

Oh, Jaden.  Apparently in your nines years you have yet to learn that is one of many questions that you just don’t ask a woman.  Besides, most pregnancies result in a baby, and there was an obvious lack of infants around our house.  I gave her a long stare, and then asked her the obvious:

 “Do you see any babies crawling about?  I’m pretty sure you would have remembered me getting an enormous belly and a new baby coming home to live with us.”

To which Jaden replied: “It was a legitimate question!  Your stomach looks poofy in that picture!”

Thanks, sweetie.

This little exchange reminds of another conversation Jaden and I had over the weekend in the middle of a parking lot:

Jaden: (Worried about being run over by a car in the parking lot) “Is it okay to walk across?”

Me: “Yes, it’s fine.”

Jaden: (sigh) “Cars make me nervous.  I’m afraid that one is going to hit me.  Don’t you ever get nervous in parking lots?

Me: “Not really.  As long as you pay attention to your surroundings, you should be okay.”

Jaden: (thinking long and hard) “When you were a little girl, had cars even been invented yet?”

Me: (Oh. My. Goodness.) “Yes, cars where in existence when I was a child.  I”m sorry to laugh, sweetie, but it’s a cute question.”

Jaden: “Oh!”  (As if to say that if cars hadn’t been in existence when I was a child, I couldn’t possibly relate to her fear of being hit by a car in a parking lot.   As if this was a fear only experienced by children.)



One Response to “Think it Through”

  1. Amber January 19, 2012 at 1:18 PM #

    i miss her to pieces! god bless that little mind of hers!

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