18 Jan


The school nurse and I have built up quite the rapport this year.  Jaden can be a bit, *ahem*, dramatic at times.  She “may” blow small injuries out of proportion into life-threatening ordeals.  Thus once a week the school nurse calls to let me know that Jaden has run head-long into a wall or tripped over a rollie pollie or has been involved in some other mundane act that has resulted in an “injury.”  The injury is usually unremarkable yet somehow warrants copious amounts of ice and bandages and my immediate attention.  She never ceases to amaze me in her ability to trip over her own feet.  But what can I say, she’s my daughter.  She got her lack of coordination from me.  [le sigh]

Thus last Friday morning when the school’s number appeared on my phone seconds after I had arrived at work, I sighed in preparation for what I was sure would be a long-winded explanation of how Jaden has injured herself 5 minutes into the school day and was in need of medical attention.  Instead, the call was less urgent in nature yet held more merit than the usual “bumps and scrapes” calls I got from the nurse.

It was the school receptionist calling to let me know that Jaden had ripped a hole in her pants and needed me to bring her a replacement pair.  Well, that’s more like it.  I didn’t know how she had managed to do it, but a hole-y pair of pants was a worthy cause.  When I got to the school with the replacement pair I found that the word “hole” was insufficient.  What the school receptionist should have said was that a gaping chasm had manifested itself without warning and that Jaden was now walking about with literally  half her bottom hanging out.

Her jeans had torn in-two along the inseam from below her knee all the way to her zipper.  And it was only a frosty 30+ degrees outside.  The poor thing.  She was sitting in the office, freezing, with her jacket wrapped about her legs in an attempt to comply with school dress code.  (Because they frown on showing that much leg in Elementary School.)

She scrambled into the “whole” new jeans I had brought her and set off back to class as I got into the car to return to work.  I felt slightly guilty for having been frustrated by receiving a call from the school, yet relieved that it was only a pair of torn pants and not another “injury.”

At least I’ve got my priorities in order.  ;]


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