Late last night…

12 Jan


Late last night a cold front pushed through bringing high wind and some of the largest snow flakes I have ever seen.  The kids were thrilled to see the snow, especially since they received snow gear for Christmas.  Sadly it didn’t last long and was gone completely by this morning.  Denny, our Corgi, enjoyed it as much as he could when we would let him.  Shockingly he didn’t want to go outside to bark wildly at the coyotes that seem to be sneaking about the fields near our home here lately.  Instead he stared into the wind, letting the snow flakes drift about his ears.  Lemon, our Dachshund, looked at us as if to say, “…that dog has last his mind.”  Who could argue with that?  It was certainly sound logic.  Eventually he slinked back into the house with a full pout and covered in snow.  (Of course then he had the audacity to curl up under our bare feet as if we too wanted snowy toes.)


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