Gettin’ our kicks

6 Jun

This past weekend the kids and I along with my co-worker and her family set out to get our kicks on Route 66.  The historic highway runs East to West through Oklahoma and is brimming with sights and attractions.  (Yes, I know I sound like a travel brochure.  Just know I’m also wearing a name tag and a State Park uniform…it’s niiice.) 

In true Southern style, we started the day off with a free lunch courtesy of the new John Deer sales facility in Edmond, OK.  Can anyone say redneck?  I think you can.  We feasted on hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and sodas that were chilling in a John Deer pull-along trailer full of ice.  That trailer was strategically stationed by the clown so that you could grab a soda and a balloon animal in one go.  Want a Sprite?  How about a balloon poodle to go with it?  Oh yeah.  Life is good.

Next we set out for the Old Round Barn in Arcardia, OK.  It was built in 1898 and restored in 1992. 

Old Round Barn, Route 66

The barn is amazing.  I know, some of you may scoff at driving an hour just to see a barn.  However, I think that this one is a barn worth seeing.  As your come out of a curve on Route 66 the barn comes into view and you are taken aback by its size, shape and height.  It’s a big barn!

The barn is two stories tall and part of it is still used for its original purpose.  The bottom floor is where the livestock and other farming equipment was stored.  However now it is a store/museum.  It has some amazing photos that were taken during the restoration.  The upstairs is still a large open room, used for gatherings and dancing.

Interior shot of the Round Barn Roof

This by far has to be my favorite shot of the barn.  The interior shot of the roof is…well, indescribable.  Call me dull, but I could look around this place all day.  (And practically did.)  The upstairs area was the favorite of the kids.  The briskly walked about the room because running was prohibited.  [cough]  They also stuck their heads out of the several open windows to get their pictures taken and giggle at passers-by. 

Pop’s on Route 66

 Last by not least there was Pop’s.  We actually stopped by here on the way to the barn after taking a quick stop off at Acardia Lake.  It was 97+ degrees outside and we were due for a cold drink.  Pop’s, also called Soda Pop’s, is built in the style of the bridges that were common along the highway during its heyday.  The walls are all glass and they are adorned with glass shelves full of exotic sodas.  There have to be hundreds out different sodas in Pop’s.  They import them in from all over and sell them almost as quickly as they get them in.  To say the place is popular would be an understatement.  You have to jockey to get in line for the sodas coolers.  Annoying?  Not a bit.  While waiting to get near the coolers, you have time to browse the soda selection.  You can even get a card board six-pack to fill up with your choices.  I absolutely love it.  The only down side is the price.  The sodas are $2.79 each.  However, I don’t mind splurging every once in a while for a fabulous family outing. 

Oh, and did I mention that they have excellent food as well?  Their cheese fries are a-freakin-mazing. 

Seriously, I may have to write a brochure for Oklahoma Route 66.  [smile with tooth sparkle]


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