The skirt who betrayed me

19 May

Since starting a new job a few weeks ago, I’ve had to change my dressing habits.  At first I was incredibly sad.  For the last six years I’ve had the luxury of being able to wear whatever my heart desired.  (Within reason.  Damn bikini.  It had ruffles.  Surely that’s “business casual.”)   And for the last year I’ve practically lived in gym clothes.  Spandex and Lycra have become my dearest companions.  I haven’t painted my toes in almost ten months since they are constantly obscured from view inside a pair of sneakers.  Oh to dress in baggy T-shirts and too short shorts.  It’s the American dream.

Now that I’m working in Insurance, I’ve had to “spruce” things up a bit.  Paint my toes, shave my legs above my knees, spend 8+ hours in heels: It’s all good.  I must admit at first I was not loving the change, but now I’ve come to embrace it.  There’s nothing that makes you feel more feminine than slipping into a skirt and some heels and strutting it into work.  Yes, I’ve gotten to where I’m in love with business dress and it loves me.  Unless, I thought it did.

Yesterday I was killing some time during my lunch hour by stopping by Kohl’s to peruse their kitchen gadgets.  As I crossed the windy parking lot I suddenly could not feel my skirt around my legs anymore.  And then I realized it was because it was floating about somewhere in the area of my navel.  Yes, I’d just flashed my delicates at an elderly Korean woman who was making her way to the door alongside me.  And the worst part was that I was wearing plaid, green and red unmentionables.  In May.  I’m sure that the woman was silently judging me for celebrating Christmas in May.  It’s practically a Greek tragedy.

So today, I’m donning some dress slacks.  With a belt.  And weights attached to the cuffs.  Surely these will treat me well.  ;]


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