Unwelcome Guests

12 Apr


School Play: "Wolf's Chicken Stew"


Somewhere on that cute little head rest survivors of lice treatment #1.  That’s right.  Fisher ended up with lice as well as Jaden.  Over the weekend I discovered that a few of the rebel forces had survived the first round of poisoning on both of their heads.  [collective sigh]  Thus I busted out some tea tree oil.  That’s right little lice, shake in fear.  No really, shake.  Thankfully I added just enough to the kid’s shampoo to eradicate the few remaining lice while leaving Jaden and Fisher’s hair silky smooth.

…However Jordan did not.

I needed a pool of death to which I could exile lice refugees.  Thus I got Jordan to fix me up a bowl of what I thought was diluted tea tree oil and water.  Well, he went with equal parts of water and tea tree oil instead.  Let’s just say that tea tree oil that is not properly diluted is a great way to melt a lice comb.  Dudes…that comb disintegrated!  Which was awesome in a creepy way until I fully grasped the implications.  I am so glad I did my homework before beginning that particular treatment on the kid’s heads.  They could be bald right now.  No hair.  No skin.  Just nice, shiny white skulls.  And today is picture day at school too.  Think of all the funny looks they would have gotten!  [wink]

So uh, is your head itching yet?  ;]


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