On snap! More sports, yo.

8 Apr

Apparently years of bragging about being allergic to sports has come back to bite me in the butt.  And oh what a lovely little bite it is.  As you all know the kids have taken to playing softball in the back yard.  They’re great at it, especially running around the imaginary bases they’ve created in their minds.  Then this week one of the mom’s of Fisher’s friends e-mailed me about a informally soccer team she was putting together.  Nothing serious, just a couple of boys playing soccer for fun and exercise.  Thus yesterday I stopped by our local sports retailer to pick up some shin guards and other soccer-y things.  Fisher was super excited…until he remember that it was 90 degrees outside.

Thankfully the heat didn’t slow him down.  The wind was blowing hard as usual and after a quick pep talk he was deep in the thick of things.

After thirty minutes of practice the kid split into teams to play.  It wasn’t long before the constant running and heat made them beg to play goalie, if only for a few minutes.  Thus the goalie position was held by all throughout the course of the evening.

They took a quick break fifteen minutes in and I pounced on the opportunity to document Fisher’s awesomeness.  Gosh-darnit, his shin guards and cleats make him look so grown.  [tear]  My little man is not so little anymore.  (Although he has retained the childhood ability to whip out a fake smile when a camera is presented.  What’s up with kids and cameras?)

They last half of the game was fierce but thankfully passed without incident.  I could not have been more proud of Fisher last night.  For someone who is so shy and reserved he really put himself out there and gave his best.  (Dudes, I know. I’m getting a bit emotional here.)

Once the game was over he spent the rest of the night drinking everything in sight.  Juice.  Water.  Watered down soda from earlier in the day.  Heck, I’m pretty sure he would have hit up the dog bowl if he’d thought of it.

All that said, we’ve got five more weeks of Thursday night soccer games and Fishman couldn’t be more excited.  And neither could I.  For a short while I’ll get to refer to myself as a soccer mom even if I don’t meet all the requirements.  Anyone got a mini-van covered in soccer ball decals I can borrow?


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