Hey battah, battah. [wink]

6 Apr

The creepy-crawly drama continued deep into the night last night as it was discovered that Fisher too had a tiny army of his own camped out in his hair.  Albeit a small army, probably due to the length of his hair.  Thank goodness.  It only took me about 30 minutes to sift through his follicles as opposed to the three years it took me to go through Jaden’s luscious locks of long-ness.  (Alliteration, anyone?)  Hopefully the sun rose on a new era this morning, one that will hopefully be free of lice and any other annoying right of childhood passage.

That said, let’s talk ball.  Jaden and Fisher have discovered softball and boy to they love it.  Who knew?  I was the least athletically inclined child when I was in school, thus I’m pleasantly surprised to find that my children actually like playing sports.  Score one for exercise!

It's a fierce kind of stare.

Can anyone spot the flying ball? I think it's that smudge in the middle.

Besides having a bit of difficulty with maintaining a proper stance, the kids seem to be naturals.  Which means that we’ll need to get some protective gear for Jordan’s mom soon.  She’s the only one that can pitch well and it will only be a matter of time before she gets hit square between the eyes.  Oh, sports.

I'm pretty sure you need your eyes to be open to hit the ball.


It’s a serious sort of game.

Afternoon games of soft ball originated from a desire to find an outlet for the copious amounts of energy Fisher has.  The kid never slows down.  Nehhh-ver.  [eye twitch]  Thankfully it is working like a charm.  The only problem is that it is all he wants to do now.  And I haven’t learned how to saute onions and pitch at the same time.  I know…what kind of mom am I?

Denny has also discovered a love of softball.  Namely because he sees it as game of flying dog toys.  Ooo…flying ball!  I got it, I got it, I got it!!  The problem is not that he can’t catch…he’s a great catcher…it’s just that he won’t throw it back.  Or even walk it back.  He mainly just runs around the yard in circles with it as we chase him.  I don’t think he’ll be making the final cut.



Lemon couldn’t care less about the game.  As long as she has boobs to nuzzle up to she’s content.  It’s a hard life.


I've got form, yo!

After watching the kids whack balls across the back yard for a couple of days curiosity got the best of me.  Having never played softball before, I decided that now would be the perfect time to give it a try.  And dudes I actually hit it!  (…and almost hit my mother-in-law.)  I only took a few swings due to the apparent dangers of me holding a bat, but they were all beautiful.  (Is that right?  Can you refer to sports as beautiful?  I’m sure men everywhere are cringing right now.)

So if you’re not doing anything this weekend, drive over to great state of Oklahoma…which may soon be renamed Wind-klahoma…for a game of ball.  It’s sure to be fun.


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