Ye Evil Fair

4 Apr

As promised the Medieval Fair was awesome.  Or, as the kids are now calling it, the Evil Fair.  I’m too lazy to give you all a blow-by-blow of the day, you know…because it’s Monday morning.  However I will say that the kids got to ride a camel, Jaden sold her Aunt into slavery, Fisher bought her freedom and there was a lot of staged violence.  Oh, and turkey legs.  [smile]  It was the stuff dreams are made of:

Meet Captain the camel. Ride Captain, ride.


Fisher was less than pleased. Actually, I'm pretty sure he was terrified.

I wonder if the town leash law applies to camels? He needed to come home with me.

To translate: "Hey, wanna sell your Aunt?" "Sure!"

"Wench for sale!" (Nice one, Jaden.)

Fisher buys his Aunt's freedom with a dollar. She's a cheap wench.

...and kids this is yet another thing you can't try at home. Hey, where are those throwing axes?


Look at the size of those swords...I mean, shower curtain rods.

And finally, me getting up close and personal with a turkey leg. It's a good thing.


Forsooth, ’twas a fantastical day!


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