What rhymes with evil?

2 Apr

Today is Medieval Fair day.  The kids have been eagerly awaiting its arrival all week.   Jousting, human games of chess, bow and arrows and last but not least: turkey legs!  (Quite possibly my favorite fair food.)   There’s nothing like walking around with a turkey leg the size of a baseball bat to make you feel content in life.  [wink]

In celebration of the fair, the kid’s Aunt made them cloaks to wear to the fair.  Looking the part is half the fun.  Oh how the kids love them.  They’ve worn them about the house and yard all week.  Yesterday morning while getting ready for school Jaden commented about her cloak:

Jaden: I can’t wait to go to the Medieval Fair!  Although, I don’t know what I’m going to wear with my cloak.

Me: It will be okay.  We’ll look through your closet and find something.

Jaden: (In all seriousness and with a hint of dismay)  [sigh]  I just don’t know if I have anything that will make me look evil.

After stifling a laugh I did my best to explain that “Medieval” did not mean “evil.”  She rebutted with the fact that there would be knights there and everyone knows that they’re evil.

[hanging my head in defeat]  We’re in serious need of a history lesson.


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