The evils of Summer

30 Mar

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I used to love/dread the summer.  Obviously my love stemmed from three glorious months spent at home and not at school.  (Sadly my children only get to have a two month summer….wait, did I say sadly?)  The dread came from the inevitable letter that came in the mail from the school:

“Dear Sir/Ma’am,  Your child is in need of a terribly painful and mentally damaging injection before he/she can return to school this fall.  <insert maniacal laughter here>”

I am confident that those were the exact words.

The thing about it was that a letter from the school would arrive at our house and for a week I would rock myself back and forth in a corner in terrified anticipation of its dreadful tidings.  Then, lo and behold, nothing would happen.  Whew.  I was safe.  Or so I thought.  For after another week had passed, and my sister and I had surely forgotten about the arrival of a letter, we would magically appear at the local Health Department.

“Come on girls.  We’ve got to run some errands today,” my mother would say.

We would hop in the car and happily ride along in hopes that maybe we could get a small toy or candy bar while we were out.  But no.  We would soon find ourselves in a part of town that we rarely went.  Wait a moment, what ever could we need to do over here?  Is that the Health Department?  Why are we here?!  Noooo!  The unavoidable lamentations, tears and refusal to leave the car would ensue.  Once inside, a large nurse that rivaled a rhino would have to sit on top of my sister and I as we were tortured…er, given an injection.  It was not the best of times.

Fast forward to the present day.  Jaden and Fisher had to go in for a booster shot this week.  Can you imagine my dread?  After reflecting on my abdominal childhood behavior, I was less than excited to drop that bomb on them.  I could not have been more surprised by their reaction:

Me: (after picking them up from school) “Kids, the school nurse called today and let me know that it was time for you both to get a shot.  It is something that the school required for you to attend.  I know it is probably not something you’ll be excited about, but it is something that is necessary.  Etc…”

I went on to comfort them and to inform them that though it may hurt a little, it was for a good cause and that the pain would only last for a few seconds.  They took it quite well.  They complained a bit, but it was the type of complaint they might give after being told to go brush their teeth before bed.  Jaden even volunteered to go first.  Neither one of them even blinked as the shot was given and not a tear was shed afterwards.  They compared band aids and then set about to plan the many topping they would get on their frozen yogurt.  (Frozen yogurt with a ridiculous amount of toppings was decided to be their treat for having to get a shot.)

Two days later I am still in awe of them for behaving so well and for being so brave.  Let’s just hope that this will be the norm for future adventures to the Health Department.  [wink]


One Response to “The evils of Summer”

  1. Chazi May 5, 2011 at 12:32 AM #

    (I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for pictures of the Weeping Angels :))

    I am convinced that modern shots do NOT hurt like they did when the rest of us were young. I recall needles that HAD to be at least six inches long, and I swear they were a quarter inch across.

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