29 Mar

This arrival of this past weekend meant that it was time for me to bust out my baking skills once again.  Oops…skillz.  That’s better.

I made Blue Velvet cupcakes with a Blackberry Curd filling.  (Psst…yes, I know that they’re not blue.   Do you know how hard it is to tint brown batter blue?  Clue: very hard.)

They were topped off with a Blackberry Lemon Cream Cheese Icing.  That’s right, cream cheese.  It’s the food of the gods.  Mm, mm, cream cheesy goodness.  (Though I have baking skillz, I have yet to obtain icing skillz…so for now I’ll call them skills.  You can’t change it to a “Z” until you’re truly a master.)

The best part?  Cutting out holes in the cupcakes.  I searched high and low this weekend for an apple corer as the recipe suggested.  Did anyone have one?  Negative.  Oh the usual mega marts had plenty of the apple corer/slicer combo.  It’s the lazy chef’s dream.  However not a single store had a simple, old-fashioned apple corer.  Go figure.  What they did have was a cupcake corer.  Now explain that one to me.  I feel safe in saying that I’m confident more use would be had from an apple corer than a cupcake corer.  Though I can’t complain too much.  It was exactly what I needed and may now be my favorite kitchen gadget.  (Other than the vegetable peeler from Williams and Sonoma.  My goodness it is fabulous.)  And with such a handy little tool I ended up having a mountain of fresh, hot cupcake centers on which to dine.  It’s almost as good as doughnut holes.  Almost.

If this catches your fancy, you can click here to get the recipe.  (And see what color blue velvet cupcakes should be. )  [wink]


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