Spring and all that comes with it

25 Mar

Oklahoma Summer Storm 2010

This week marks the first week of spring.  Flowers are blooming, people are admiring said flowers and bees are terrorizing my children.  As per Oklahoma stereotypes, the wind has definitely been sweepin’ down the plain.  I could go on about the beauties of spring and what I enjoy most.  But I’m not.  What most concerns me about Spring is the beginning of tornado season.  It is right around the corner and it has me more than a little concerned.

After having had one close call with a twister back home in Georgia, I’ve always been edgy when the tornado topic comes up.  Even as a child I swore to myself that I would never, under any circumstances live in Oklahoma.  I would surely never join the legions of nut cases that called Oklahoma “okay.”  But you see where that got me.  Maybe I should have sworn to never make a million dollars.

Hurricanes.  Now there’s a natural disaster that I can get behind.  All the force and wonderment of nature but with enough time to get out of the way.  Ah yes.  Hurricane season has always been like deer season to me.  Each year as a child I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  For half the year I would get to park myself in front of The Weather Channel  and track storms like a deranged-miniature psychopath.  It was great.  And still is.  No, I do not like the loss of life/person property, but I do find the other many aspects of Hurricanes absolutely fascinating.

Tornadoes?  Not so much.  I now find myself jealous of the storm shelters our neighbors have.  Maybe we can strike up some kind of time share.  I get to use it every other tornado.  It could work.  [wink]

The truth is that as much bad press Oklahoma gets for their tornadoes, I have yet to meet many people who have ever even seen one here.  So, here’s to hoping in the coming weeks that I’ll get to stay in that club.  The “never seen” club.  (Maybe we’ll even order some “Members Only” jackets.  Sa-weet!)


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