My eyebrows are stylin’!

24 Mar

Do I know Photoshop? Negative.

Sometimes in the mornings I like to sit at the computer and pretend that I know my way around Photoshop.  My husband could navigate it with his eyes closed and is talented enough to turn out some amazing work.  Mwa?  Well, let’s just say that I know how to resize a photo.  I know, right?  Pretty impressive.  I’ve got skills.

Speaking of morning, I was not running on all eight cylinders when I got up today.  I felt more like a four-cylinder Geo Metro than a some other more powerful car.  (As if I know any good car references.)  My lack of attention to detail became quite apparent as I went to moisturize this morning.  Body lotion on body?  Check.  Hair styling paste on face?  Double check.  (And here’s a hint, that stuff is meant for your hair, not your face.)  You won’t believe what it will do for your eyebrows.  [wink]  What it won’t do is moisturize.  Nice one, Raine.  You’re definitely my hero.

This reminded me of the time I wash my hair with dog shampoo out of sheer desperation.  What?  I forgot to buy more.  It’s  not as if the dogs were going to protest.  (And I must say my hair smelled super fruity all day.)

So, what are some of your most memorable morning goof ups?  (Did I mention I once shut my ear in a door?  No?  How about turning a back flip in the shower?  Gosh…you’re missing out!)

To round off this disjointed post, check out some super awesome Japanese cuteness: Mameshiba

The kids absolutely love these videos as do I.  Fisher even acquired the Mameshiba Mocha Bean plush toy over the weekend.  He’s calling it Mockla since Mocha is apparently too difficult to pronounce.  (FYI: Mockla is Fisher’s name for almost every toy he owns.)


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