What’s in a Name?

23 Mar

It’s rare that I get to blog about work these days.  Since I left property management my excitement meter is normally pointing at empty.  However, there are those few days a month when I come across some gems.  Take for instance today:  I’m working on a map from Tippecanoe County, Indiana from back in the 1830’s.  It is chock full of the most amazing names that you’ve ever heard.

My first example: Dimmitt Cole.  Holy cow. Why?  Did the parents not know how to spell “dammit”?  His name makes the perfect expletive:  “Dimmitt!  I stubbed my toe!”

Behind door number two there is: Peter Horney.  I am not lying.  I just hope that those references for male genitalia weren’t around back then.  [immature giggle]

And finally there is: Cuthbert Bullitt.  Oh, these three would make the most amazing posse ever known.  I could see them starring in their own western.  “Be on the lookout for the Tippecanoe gang!  They’re a steely eyed bunch!”  [Bahaha!]

I could go on, but I’ll stop here.  Who knew that genealogical research could be so entertaining?  Poverbs Butt, that’s who.  [laugh]  (Yes, he was a real person.)


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