Pilot Point

21 Mar

This past weekend Jordan, the kids and I went down to Texas to visit with Jordan’s Grandmother.  The trip was a fabulous end to spring break for the kids.  They played outside, got some new toys, went to Dave & Busters, road a carousel, etc…  It was everything a child could ask for in a trip to Grandma’s.  As for the adults, we got the treat of seeing this weekend’s “super moon” in Texas.  With its flat horizon and sparse, short trees, Texas provides ideal viewing when it comes to the night sky. 

Thankfully we’d thought ahead and brought a telescope with us.  Not only was the moon larger than normal, we got to view its craters up close through the telescope.  Now that some educational fun for you!  [wink] 

On the way back home we stopped so I could snap a few pictures of some of my favorite land marks north of Ft. Worth.  In Jordan’s grandmother’s home town are some of the most interesting murals to be found in the deep south country side.  I’ve never seen a nude mural in the south and definitely not two so close together.  And I can’t even imagine what the hand and apple have to do with lounging nudist.  Go figure.  Either way, they definitely make for some interesting conversation.

Then there’s the most interestingly named hotel I’ve ever seen.  I just want to know if the rooms have themes.  Decisions, decisions….do I want the Famine room or the Death room?  [siiigh]

Interestingly enough as I was taking this picture, a leathery old man stopped in the middle of the highway to try to win my affections.  His missing teeth and belly-button length beard did not help him in the least.  “Hey thar purdy lady, you want to take a picture of a REAL Texan?!”  I’m sure there was a wink in there somewhere, but I missed it as I ran back to the car for safety…because all winks from crusty old men are followed by an offer to view scars.  Ick. 

As we passed over the local lake we missed the opportunity to stop at “The Dam Store.”  No worries.  If we got a flat, we could get a “Dam” tow for only $50.  Oh, Texas.  You make me smile.  ;]

Of course the rest of the trip back home was an utter nightmare.  We spent over two hours at dead stand-stills in three traffic jams of epic proportions.  One involved an “interesting” trip across a wide and steep median to gain access to an escape route.  You never want to hear the words “lean to the right!” as you’re driving up an embankment.  [laugh]  Of course, you don’t want to sit on the Interstate for hours on end with two children who have very active bladders.  Good times, good times.  [wink]


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