We totally broke Spring

17 Mar

Can you tell that it’s spring break?  The kids are out of school which means that this week has been a balancing act of entertainment and work.  It’s an art.  So far they’ve been to the movies to see “Rango”, taken a bagillion trips to the park and have even made dog treats from scratch.  This little adventure afforded me the chance to utter a phrase I never thought I would:

“No.  You cannot have another dog treat.  You’ve had enough for one day.”  [siiigh]

I’m definitely keeping that one in my back pocket for future embarrassment.   [wink]

To wind up the week we’re taking a trip to Texas to visit family and hopefully do some star gazing.  Because we all now that “…the stars at night are big and bright [bum, bum, bum bum] …deep in the heart of Texas!”    And the song doesn’t lie.  I’ve never seen more spectacular night skies than the ones in Texas.

I know, it’s been a slack week here and I’ll definitely get my act together next week.  Until then, I leave you with Lemon.  She’s recently discovered the glories of laundry fresh from the dryer:

Yes these pictures were taken with my cell phone.  And yes, those are boxer shorts that Lemon is wearing.  Hopefully Jordan won’t mind.  ;]


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