8 Mar

Yesterday afternoon I took Fisher to the Optometrist for an eye exam at the instruction of his teacher.  I was convinced that he needed glasses and so was his teacher.  (shudder)  For those of you out there that have boys, I am sure you can sympathize with such an idea.

Fisher could not have been more excited about going to the eye doctor.  (Well, let me change that.  He could have only been more excited if there had been a tooth cleaning involved.  My fishman loves the dentist.)  It turns out that he has 20/20 vision.  His eyes are working just as they should.  The only problem the doctor made note of was an extreme allergic reaction present in his eyes.  Apparently allergies are the root of his eye problems.  Thus today he started on a daily eye drop regimen that should hopefully keep his peepers comfortable. Now I only have to wrangle him in place each morning to dose him with drops.  Because that’s way easier than keeping up with glasses….right?  [wink]

And did I get my wish?  You bet I did!  Now let me just say that I do not wish any type of discomfort on my children.  And having your eyes dilated aren’t too terribly uncomfortable, so I think that I’m in the clear.  You just get to walk around for a while looking like a Bush Baby.  And does Fisher ever look like a Bush Baby!  I am not sure why, but the dilating drops the doctor used on his eyes stay in effect for 24 hours.  Which means this morning Fisher stumbled into the kitchen wide-eyed but not so bushy-tailed.  His pupils look like black holes that will eventually consume every part of his Irises until there is nothing left but darkness.  Creepy, huh?  I was thankful that he didn’t wake up in the middle of the night.  I was already battling my way through some freakish nightmares and awaking to the pure-blackness of his eyes would not have gone over well.  (Picture me screaming and diving under the bed sheets for protection.  Because bed sheets make for an impenetrable fortress under any circumstance.)

The poor kid can hardly see a thing with his pupils having their own area code.  At least it’s an overcast day here.  I don’t know how well his temporary sunglasses would handle full sun.  (They’re green AND yellow!  Hello, 80’s!)  By tonight he should be back to normal and he’ll have to find a different reason to wear his sunglasses at night.  (Hey, oh!)

In other news, I decided to make sandwiches for supper last night.  (Gasp!  Why ever would you make something so plain?!  ((I’m just kidding.  Sandwiches are awesome.)) ) <– Could I have incorporated any more parentheses than I did?  No, I made no ordinary sandwich.  I made Croque Monsieurs.  What, pray tell, are those?  Fancy French hot ham and cheese sandwiches.  With a Bechamel sauce!  (Ooo, ahh!)  I know, right?  I even got to use the rest of the Gruyère that I had left over from Spaetzle the other week.  They were hot, delicious and packing at least a $1.50 worth of Gruyère each.  Now that’s classy!  [wink]  Will I ever make them again?  Hell no!  After laboring away in the kitchen for what seemed like days, I swore to myself that I would never make another sandwich that took over ten minutes to make.  It is surely a crime to invest as much time, ingredients and money into a sandwich like I did last night.  Amazingly tasty but ridiculously involved.  So there.  Next time I want a Croque Monsieur, I’ll hunt down a Frenchman to make it for me.  And only if it’s on sale.  :]


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