Ovaries and some such things

7 Mar

Over the weekend our main, at-home computer died.  That’s right, the blue screen of death.  It’s never a good sign.  That and the lack of pulse.  Poor, HP.  Anywho, my main concerns with the computer dying lay with our family photos.  Because I’m an idiot and have never backed them up.  (Unless you call uploading them all to Snapfish backing up.  Then I’m awesome.)  This effectively put a wrench in Jordan’s weekend as well as my own.

You see I made an Amaretto Brioche Bread Pudding with homemade whipped cream and blackberries.  I had planned to grace you all with pictures of my glorious high-calorie dessert, but I didn’t know when I would be able to gain access to pictures.  So I didn’t.  The upside to this is that I can say that it was the most beautiful dessert that human eyes have ever fallen upon and no one can challenge me.  Ha!

Thankfully, Jordan was able to retrieve all of our important documents and pictures from the dying hard drive before having to wipe it clean.  Even though it took all weekend to repair, we now have Windows 7 instead of Vista.  And you all know how awesome that is.  So, the computer lives again.  And all the peoples rejoiced in its return.

While the computer was down, I threw myself into putting together jigsaw puzzles with the kids.  Because this is how people comfort themselves when technology fails.  Well, let me rephrase my first statement.  I put together jigsaw puzzles within close proximity of the kids.  They gave me congratulatory pats on the back as they watched movies.  It was a true bonding experience.  I even managed to lose 3 puzzle pieces in the process.  Thus I was robbed of that fuzzy feeling you get when you complete a new puzzle for the first time.  I’ll never know if that snake ever got hit in the face with a pie.  Tra-ge-dy!  (…and the kids were utterly appalled.  Sorry, kidos.)

Today the sun rose over a house full of stuffy noses and inflamed tonsils.  Thank you, Oklahoma.  Your wild temperature swings have insured another trip to the doctor for us all.  Along with all that my left ovary is aching.  I’m sure you were all just wondering about the state of my ovaries.  Well let me tell you, my left one is none too happy.  I’m hoping the Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer I dosed my coffee with this morning will prove to be calming for it.  Otherwise I’m not sure what I’ll do.  Ovarian massage, perhaps?  [shoulder shrug]

Last but not least today is the day that Fisher gets his eyes examined.  I have to confess that I’m looking forward to him getting his eyes dilated.  Dilated eyes are so creepy.  [giddy grin]  I mean, poor Fishman.  [cough]  Hopefully we’ll be able to avoid glasses, but then again that would leave no explanation as to why his eyes bother him so much.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Ha!  Get it?  Wait and see?  [ahem]  Right.

I leave you now with the only picture I have to share.  A lady bug doodle by yours truly.  (Here’s to hoping I’ll be able to access pictures by tomorrow!)


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