For those of you without children…

3 Mar

For those of you without children, yesterday was Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  He would have been 107.  His birthday is a big deal, especially to elementary-aged children.  Jaden and Fisher both read Dr. Seuss stories yesterday and participated in a few Dr. Seuss-related activities.  The day is always a fun one.  “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!”

Every year when March 2nd rolls around the kids ask me to make Green Eggs and Ham for them.  I’ve never done it before until this year and I’ve got to say that it was a hoot!  We didn’t take the easy way out by making green scrambled eggs.  Oh no.  They can’t be scrambled.  They have to look like they do in the book.  Sunny side up, my friends!  This called for some careful deconstruction with an even more careful reconstruction in the pan.  It’s an art, folks:

Iguana eggs, anyone?

(Psst….my butter got a little too hot.  Don’t tell anyone!)

I did end up cheating a bit.  I did not dye the ham green.  I know.  I’m a failure as a mother.  I simply forgot to check into that part before making the ham.  However, the kids didn’t seem to mind. They had eggs that were green and couldn’t be happier.  I have a feeling they’ll be wanting to add color to more food in the future.  It should be interesting.  [wink]

On a side note, I met with Fisher’s teacher yesterday for his bi-annual Parent/Teacher conference.  It’s a time to sit down and discuss his progress and to plan for the coming months.  One point of concern was with his eye sight.  He appears to be having a lot of problems when it comes to reading.  He constantly rubs his eyes and even covers his right eye entirely at times.  Thus he’s got a date with the Optometrist next week.  Upon discovering how many problems he’s been having, my stomach is in knots.  Having worn glasses for many years, I can understand the pain and frustration of eye strain.  My poor Fishman.  And what’s worse: can you imagine Fisher with glasses?  Just imagine: a little boy, keeping up with glasses and not breaking them.  Oh, the horror.  The kid can barely keep up with Ratty, his favorite toy rat.  I fear for the glasses that he may need.  My fingers are crossed.


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