Collect Yo-Self

25 Feb

Jaden has been practically dying to collect something….anything.  (That’s right, when she thinks of collecting, her blood pressure sky rockets…it’s a sad situation.)  [wink]  At first she tried collecting trash, but I shot that down.  You’ve got to have some sort of lessons before driving a dump truck and I just don’t have the time to teach her.  After a few more very un-collectable ideas, she settled on rocks.  That’s a good, healthy item to collect.  I collected rubber balls and rocks as a child.  (…and maybe a few squirrel tails.  Hey, they were just laying there in the grass, what did you expect me to do?!) 

The problem is that she doesn’t really understand the art of collecting.  If you’re going to collect rocks, collect the good ones, the unique ones and the ones that dogs haven’t pee’d on.  No, she wants to collect EV-ER-Y rock that she comes across.  She has become a miser of rocks.  She sits in the backyard counting her collection while simultaneously looking for more.  I am waiting for her to slip up and refer to her collection as “my precious.” 

“Can I collect those rocks over there?” 

“No…that’s part of the train track, I’m sure they might miss those if you took them.” 

“Well, what about these rocks?

“Uh…those are boulders.  I don’t think you’re going to be able to put them in your pocket.”

I’m trying to get her to understand that what makes a collection a good one is that every  component has a special meaning to you.  If you collect a hundred random rocks, it just going to be a pile of rocks.  But, if you collect unique looking rocks or rocks that aren’t just blobs of asphalt then your collection will be something really meaningful to you.  Take my childhood collection.  I bonded with those rocks.  Geodes, quartz, pyrite…they all had their own names and outfits.  We’d vacation together and catch late movies on the weekends. One cup, two straws.  It was magical.  Those rocks rocked, man.  (Well, I was a little special as a child.  [ahem]) 

So now this weekend I have promised her that we would go somewhere looking for rocks.  Because the bucket of questionable rock-like “things” in the backyard just isn’t doing it for her.  (Alright, all together now: [siiiiigh])  It should prove to be an interesting outing.  It seems like some poison ivy should work its way in there somehow.  Hmm…

…and I don’t even want to imagine what Fisher will decided to start collecting.  Besides used straws from Sonic, which he already has enough of. 


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