One insured fa-mi-ly

24 Feb

Health Insurance!  Why, Raine…whatever possessed you to shout out such a phrase?  Well, you see…I’m actually in the possession of some health insurance, along with my husband and children.  We are one insured fa-mi-ly.  That is until we actually need to use said insurance.  Then it lets me down.  Kind of like a store brand maxi.  (Too much?  It’s true, though.) 

Jaden got the flu a few weeks ago during THE blizzard and mysteriously insurance did not cover her Tamiflu.  Herm.  Well, maybe it’s because she’s a minor and it was a liquid.  Then Jordan got the flu.  Still no dice.  Then I got the trifecta of illness and even my measly Z-Pack wasn’t covered.  What’s up, insurance?  Why do you have to be so cruel?  Haven’t I always been good to you?  What about that weekend in Aspen?  It was special! 

(…and do you even know the market price for Tamiflu?  Let’s just say that my wallet is on witness protection after the beating it received this month.)

Now I’m needing to get a refill on my regulars…namely my birth control.  And do you think my insurance wants to cover it?  Negatory.  And lo, it came to pass that I am currently taking one of the most expensive birth control medications on the market.  It would almost be comical…if it weren’t for the pain being inflicted on my bank account.  Turns out that my insurance decided to change all of us to “ineligible status.”  Because it likes to watch people squirm.  Not a clue why…just, [flick]…there, see how you like THAT.  (And I must say I don’t like it one bit.) 

So now I’ve waited semi-patiently all week for this mess to get sorted out.  Whatever will I do?  I cannot comfort myself in the arms of my husband…we all know where that would lead and I’m still waiting on my goods.  “Tis a cruel irony! 


One Response to “One insured fa-mi-ly”

  1. Aunt Glenda February 25, 2011 at 2:28 AM #

    I have been there w/u
    It’s called the age of the computer, one person can hit one digit wrong and we start squirming, opening our wallets and so and so. Life is fun isn’t it :):):)
    Hope u are all feeling better

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