These lips could blaze a trail

23 Feb

(Ah…what’s a blog without the occasional self-portrait with a workplace background?)

I may just have to start documenting all of mine and Jordan’s conversations.  We think deeeep. 

Me: [blazing a trail across the office to Jordan’s desk with the brightest lips on the block] “I just don’t think I could ever be a hooker.”

Jordan: [looking at me with quizzical eyebrows]

Me: “It’s the lipstick.  I just don’t think I can pull off hooker lipstick.”  […because that’s the biggest problem with being a hooker.]

Jordan: “I actually kind of like it.”

Me: [gushing at such a compliment] “Really?!”  [wink]  I just keep waiting for my lips to detach themselves and start inching across my face.  [using my finger to demonstrate an inch worm crawling across my face]

…and then I smacked his rear just for the hell of it.  Because that’s what hookers do, right?


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