22 Feb

 I may make mention of male genitalia more than once.  So, if that’s not something you want to hear about, you might want to check back tomorrow.  You’re welcome. 

You’ve got to love the conversations that Jordan and I have:

 Me: [Upon checking the office e-mail]: ” Darnit.  No male enhancement spam-mail?  How ever will I enlarge my member? “

Jordan: “You know, if that stuff really worked, then you wouldn’t get those e-mails.”

Me: “True…word of mouth advertisement would be all you needed.”

Jordan: “Then everyone would be walking around with foot-long-penises.” 

Me: [gag] “Ick.  Can you imagine?  A foot long at resting…what would it be when it was at full attention?!”

Jordan: “That would be terribly uncomfortable.  And creepy.”

Me: “Oh yeah.  I wouldn’t want to see that.  And what would you do with it?!  I mean, you couldn’t wear briefs.  You’d have to wear boxers.  And then it would be all glued to the side of your leg.  [bleg]  Ooo, sweaty.”

Jordan: [nodding in agreement.]  “Yep.”

Seriously, folks.  You should all move to Oklahoma to be with us.  We’re some happening people.  [wink]


2 Responses to “Genitalia!”

  1. Amber February 22, 2011 at 12:50 PM #

    bahahahahahaha! this is hilarious!

    and i totally cringed and had to cross my legs during this. all i could think was PAIN!! lol.

    • Raine February 22, 2011 at 1:00 PM #

      Dude! You couldn’t pay me to have a foot-long penis. Eek!

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