What is it that they say about irony?

21 Feb

Last week I “may” have bragged about my immune system.  “Allegedly” I called it superior.  [ahem]  You see Jaden & Jordan both had come down with the flu in the span of two weeks and I had escaped unscathed.  I felt as though bragging was the natural thing to do.  And what did Bragfest 2011 get me?  Well, besides a copious amount of beads….  Pharyngitis, Bronchitis and an Upper Respiratory Infection.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve cornered the market on diseases ended in ‘Itis.  Those sound like the worst possible prizes to be offered on a TV game show.

“And behind Door Number 3….coud it be?!…It is!…Pharyngitis!  Wow, what a tough decision, folks!”

I definitely do not recommend the Bronchitis prize, since it feels as though an angry badger did the Mambo on my chest.  And we all know how angry badgers can be…

Thus, in light of my punishment from the cosmos, I am going to retire for the day and watch some disaster movies.  Last night I squeezed in a viewing Apollo 13 AND Hellboy.  Because I have excellent taste when it comes to creating the perfect movie line-up.  [wink]



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