Teaching your kids the art of cursing

17 Feb


Quiver in fear, dead dinosaurs!


Since this past December, the kids have gotten hooked on watching Harry and the Hendersons.  If you haven’t seen it, then you’ve missed out on a fabulous part of the 80’s.  The only problem with this film is that there is some mild language.  Not much, maybe only a word or two.  Some parents might be appalled by this revelation, but I try to not take it that seriously.  Jordan and I have sat down with the kids and have had a serious discussion on this topic.  That said, they can get their sasquatch on any time they want.

Well, my poor Fishman can’t quite get a good grasp on curse words.  As in, what the words actually are.  And you never want to say them out loud in front of your children for surely DFCS will come and cart them away.  His misunderstanding of “shit” came out in conversation on the way home from school yesterday:

Fisher: “Is holy ship a bad word?”

Me [internal giggle]: “No.  Er…the word”shit” with a “t” is a bad word.”

Fisher: “….oh!”  [smiling happily to himself]

Jaden [who apparently was dying to say a curse word]: “Did you know that my cousin’s puppy fell off a dam and died?!”  [extra exclamation points]

Me [sigh]: “You are talking about a section of earth or concrete that holds back water, correct?”

Jaden [shocked that I would assume otherwise]: “Of course!”

Then she launched into a very long and heroing tale of a puppy who fell off a dam but didn’t actually die.  It merely bobbed around in the water until she and her cousin rescued it with a long stick.  Seems as though the puppy had extra-doggie strength in its jaws and was able to chomp down on the stick to be hauled to safety.  From the top of a dam.  [ahem]

[siiiiigh]  I never know what will come up in conversation with those two.  Holy ship!  I’m late for work!  [wink]


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